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My closest friend and I have made a bit of a deal recently, that we’ll go on at least one and preferably two spa days a year. They give us quality time together and also a time to have a break from the kids, a bit of a pamper and a chance to relax. Spa days are something I’ve only really got into in the last year or so but now that I have been on a few of them here are my top tips of things to consider when booking a spa break.

1 – Location

There are many picturesque spa locations in the countryside, set in stately homes and castles. But many spa days offer a glass of bubbly. If you choose a spa day far away who will end up missing out on the bubbly to be the designated driver? It may be better to choose a spa day accessible by public transport and many quality city hotels now offer spa days, making them really convenient – and letting you have that glass of fizz too! After all, the inside of a spa generally looks the same wherever you go, you won’t be looking at the outside too much anyway.

2 – Treatments

When you book a spa day there are many packages that you can choose from. Some of these include treatments and with others you can book treatments on top. This could be anything from a massage to getting your nails done and they are a great part of any spa day. If you’re going with a friend you may have time by yourself whilst they are having their treatments done or sometimes you can have them at the same time depending on the spa facilities/staffing levels and your own personal preferences. You can also have a lovely spa day without any treatments and just by making full use of the spa facilities.

5 Things to Consider when Booking a Spa Day

3 – Cost

Spa days range in price from a few pounds for a health club day access to hundreds of pounds for a full day in a posh country resort including meals and multiple treatments. Depending on what you are looking for in a spa day the price can really be tailored to you. It’s also usually cheaper to book with smaller independent companies or chain brands however it’s always worth looking at things like into the blue experience days as often gift packages work out better value than even booking directly with the hotel/spa.

4 – Time of Year

Having been to spas quite a lot in the winter months I can say that there is nothing quite like getting into a hot steam room after being in the cold outdoors but a summer day, relaxing in a fluffy robe with a cold drink in the sunshine would be equally as appealing. I don’t think there is any wrong time to go on a spa day and it’s the sort of thing you could enjoy all year round.

5 – Company

I have been on spa days by myself and also with a friend and I have to say that going with a friend will always be my preference. Unless you’re happy to spend a lot of time truly relaxing, not doing much and reading endless books or magazines then I would say take a friend or two with you. You can still read and relax but you have someone to talk to and share the experience with. As with most things in life, spa days are best when shared with someone.

Have you been on a spa day? Do you have one planned or are you looking to plan one soon? I’d love to hear what your top tips would be.

5 Things to Consider when Booking a Spa Day

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