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As I get older and my social circles get bigger I am finding that more and more of my friends are ending up living overseas. I have made so many friends through blogging and they now stretch from Canada to Australia and so many places in between.

There are times when I would love to send a gift abroad but, with high postage costs, it’s hard to know what to buy especially when you just want a gift that tells them you’re thinking of them rather than some big extravagant gesture.

So here are a few ideas of things to send those who are always in your hearts but live that little bit further away:

Anything from Lisa Angel – Lisa Angel is my favourite shop online. It has the perfect mix of homeware, jewellery and gifts so that there would be something for everyone but unlike other online retailers it offers free international delivery on all orders – just one of the many reasons I love it so much.

A Bouquet from Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers is based in Australia and they deliver flowers throughout Australia. You can phone them anywhere you are in the world, and they will deliver flowers to your loved ones in Australia. They also have a free reminder service so you’ll never forget to send birthday flowers, or any bouquet for anniversaries, and other special occasions.

5 Gifts to Send to Friends and Family Overseas

A British Hamper – If you want to send your overseas friends and family a little taste of the UK, you could send them a hamper from British Hamper – traditional British hampers delivered anywhere in the world.

Vouchers – Sending vouchers, usually by email, is a quick and simple way of telling someone you’re thinking of them. You could send them an Amazon voucher, an iTunes voucher, a book voucher or any other kind of voucher you can think of. You can personalise them with a message – here’s a treat to buy some music to listen to when you’re running, a voucher for books to read when you’re having some me time or an Amazon voucher to buy something lovely for your new home.

Cards – When it comes to it, there’s nothing nicer than getting a card from a friend – however far away they live. Sending cards internationally is quite cheap and your friend would love to get a card, complete with your handwriting and a message just between the two of you. Whatever the occasion, a simple card can often be the best solution – and you could tuck a photo or two inside too.

Do you have friends or family overseas? Do you find it hard to send them gifts through the year or have you found things that you can send cheaply and easily? I’d love to know what you send abroad.


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  1. Aah I love these ideas Donna! We, too, have got lots and lots of friends abroad. It’s fab to know about these options. We tend to buy toys etc on Amazon for our godson in the US — order in the UK and they deliver direct. It’s never gift-wrapped but better than nothing! I love the idea of the British hamper!! I’m off to check that out now xx

  2. Ooh, some brilliant ideas especially the hamper and the flowers. I have lots of friends and family in New Zealand and I think missing them is part of the reason I’ve got such itchy feet about being at home at the moment. Maybe sending them something fabulous would make me feel better!

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