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Whether you are about to have your first child, or are looking for ways to make your home healthier for your existing children, it is always worthwhile trying to improve your home so that your children feel better and are generally healthier. Just a few simple changes can make all the difference and not only stop your children suffering from the regular sniffles and issues that they may be used to, but make the whole family feel better too.

4 Ways to Make Your House Healthier For Your Child

Get a dehumidifier

Too much humidity in a room puts your child at risk of suffering from asthma and other breathing problems. The best way for you to keep the humidity in a room down, without suffering from any of the negative effects that can come with air conditioning, is to get a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier takes a lot of the humidity out of the room without drying the air out and causing other breathing problems. A dehumidifier removes the moisture that things like dust mites, mould and fleas all need to breed and flourish. It is also a healthy way of keeping the air cool when the weather is warm.

Remove carpets

It is almost impossible for you to keep carpets thoroughly clean and prevent the growth of dust mites, mould spores and other allergens that can prove hazardous to the health of your children. Also, smaller children are much closer to the carpet than you are, meaning they will be the first to suffer ill effects from carpets. The best thing you can do is remove carpets and replace them with wooden flooring, laminate or lino.

Set your boiler lower

Scalding is a real hazard for babies and small children, and adults can stand water a lot hotter than children can. The best way to avoid accidentally scalding a baby or small child is to set your water heater to about 48 degrees celsius so that it cannot get any hotter than this. Although this will be hot enough to enjoy baths and wash hands, it will not be so hot that it can damage small children’s fragile skin.

Lock away any chemicals and other hazards

All cleaning products and other hazards should be kept locked up, from the day your baby is born until the day they are old enough to leave home. This is the only way you can always be sure that your child is protected from the dangers of poisonous substances you are likely to have in your home.


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