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I am always looking for ways to save money or make money so when I was introduced to a new app – Zeek – I couldn’t wait to see how it could help in my money making and saving schemes.

Zeek is quick to install and using it on my iPhone was no problem at all. The app allows you to buy gift vouchers at a discount to their face value and has a huge range of brands available. They even email to let you know any special promotions that are on, great if you’re waiting for a specific store voucher to be discounted.

You may be thinking now that you don’t ever really buy gift vouchers, that you only really buy them occasionally as gifts. But Zeek could still be really useful for you. Do you ever do a big shop at Marks and Spencer for a special occasion? Have a wedding cake to buy or like to get your Christmas turkey from there? Do you have a monthly splurge at Primark? Well, anything you buy from shops can be purchased instead using gift vouchers – vouchers that you can buy at a discount through Zeek!

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Discounts vary a lot between retailers and generally the higher value of gift voucher you purchase the higher the discount. Some vouchers have just 4% discount but others give 20% and greater off the face value. Buying vouchers couldn’t be easier either – you just add your postal address and payment option – card or paypal – and then wait for your vouchers to arrive although some vouchers do have an e-voucher option.

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All vouchers purchased are then added to your Zeek wallet to remind you what you have to spend – a great way of keeping vouchers all in the same place. Zeek also lets you sell your unwanted vouchers – so if you have vouchers gathering dust that you haven’t got around to spending upload them to Zeek and get selling – a great way of making money too!

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I love Zeek and will definitely be using it in future to save money on any high value purchases. If you’re looking to save money on your everyday spending or any big purchases through the year then Zeek would be worth signing up for.


Disclosure: I was given credit for Zeek to allow me to review the service however all opinions are my own.

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