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It’s no surprise that chocolate is one of my favourite things and even though we have it quite often it still feels like such a treat to get chocolates for a special occasion, ones that are a little bit different or have had more thought put into them that an average shop bought chocolate bar.

Yucoco gave me the chance to review their custom chocolate bar service and I decided to make a bar for Hubby. The website is super easy to navigate and before I knew it I had a chocolate bar in my basket! You pick from milk, white dark or a combination of all three, add up to five toppings and then place your order.

I was impressed with the amount of toppings available. There was everything from dried fruit, nuts and chocolate drizzles through to jelly sweets, chocolate plaques and a lot of other indulgent treats. In the end I picked a milk chocolate bar with  homemade peanut brittle, chocolate cinder toffee, homemade salted caramel, homemade rocky road and orange chocolate drizzle. It sounded far too indulgent and a bit sickly but Hubby loves all the individual elements so I wondered what he would think of them altogether!

I was able to create a name for the chocolate bar and add who it was for and who sent it, a great addition if buying a Yucoco bar as a gift. They also sell greetings cards which make it a perfect gift without having to shop anywhere else for a card.


Considering the bars are made to order, it arrived a couple of days later which was incredibly quick. The bar arrived well packaged in a lovely box that allowed you to see the bar through the packaging. It looks very expensive and well made although you can tell it isn’t produced by a machine – there’s something lovely and rustic about Yucoco bars. The personalisation on the box was great too with the name of my chocolate bar and a break down of the toppings on it. Lovely touches that make all the difference.


Unfortunately though, the bar did snap in transit but still looked fantastic and if anything it made it easier to break up to eat!

The Yucoco bar had the seal of approval from Hubby and tasted great – each mouthful had the milk chocolate base, chocolate orange drizzle and one or more of the other flavours making it a perfect treat! It was sweet without being sickly and Hubby really enjoyed it.


Yucoco is now top of my list if looking for a small but thoughtful gift for a friend and I am already looking to buy more bars for upcoming occasions. There is a basic price for a Yucoco bar of £4 and then each topping you add has a price of anything from 50p upwards. There is then a postage charge of £2.45 for up to 2 bars, slightly more if you order more. Realistically, you could get a lovely chocolate bar delivered for under £10 but the combined cost would be lower if you were to buy more bars in one go. I think as a treat or gift, with the amount of personalisation it really is great value and the chocolate tastes great quality too – you really do get what you pay for.

Disclosure: I was given a code in order to buy the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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