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For at least a year now I have wanted a Yonanas machine. I first heard about it through Weight Watchers and it looked like something I could really make use of – frozen desserts made purely from frozen bananas and other frozen fruit. It sounded too good to be true.

My lovely Mother in Law recently bought me a Yonanas machine and I have used it regularly since. It comes as one fairly compact unit that plugs in and you insert fruit in the top, pushing it down with a plunger and making ice cream.


The Yonanas machine comes with a booklet of recipes but generally we have just been using on frozen banana per two people and then a handful or two of other fruit. So far we have had mango, summer fruits and plain banana ice cream.

Realistically, this isn’t going to take the place of your Ben and Jerrys treat on a weekend but it is a sweet treat that you can have every night without feeling guilty. It does have a slight taste of bananas no matter how much other fruit you add but that is to be expected with a frozen dessert  made mainly from bananas.


The children love Yonanas too and LP regularly asks for yellow ice cream or red ice cream and it’s easy to make on demand. One tip – peel and roughly chop bananas before you freeze them or they are a nightmare to peel once frozen. Slightly brown bananas work best and the whole unit is easy to clean afterwards.


I don’t know how we’ve lived without a Yonanas machine for so long. It’s a great invention with so many frozen dessert options I’m not looking forward to making more flavours for Hubby and the kids.

Yonanas has an RRP of £59.99

Disclosure: This review is in no way sponsored. I received Yonanas as a gift from my mother in law but love it so much I thought I’d tell you about it.

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  1. I have never heard of this before, sounds like a great idea for quick healthy yummy puddings, Just added to my wishlist 🙂

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