Review: X+Y on DVD

Hubby and I often have date nights at home as with his shifts and my working hours it’s hard to find the time to go out and so on these nights it’s nice to watch a new movie and curl up in front of the TV. We were sent X+Y on DVD to watch and I hadn’t heard of it before although it premiered at the London Film Festival and got great reviews from many publications. Anything that gets rave reviews is definitely worth a watch in my eyes.

X+Y #16

X+Y stars Sally Hawkins, Rafe Spall, and Asa Butterfield as the lead – Nathan. X+Y explores many themes, from parenting and mentoring children to cultural differences, but most importantly, it’s the story of Nathan and his journey after being diagnosed as Autistic as a young child.

X+Y #12

X+Y isn’t the typical movie that we would choose to watch – I like a good romance and Hubby loves anything with explosions in it but we both really enjoyed the film. It has more than one love story in amongst the other themes. It also shows the reality of living not just with autism but also multiple sclerosis and how both conditions affect loved ones as well.

X+Y #7

There were so many aspects to the movie that were emotive, real and beautifully written from Nathan’s family life, his education and his relationships to the lives of those around him. It was a film about adolescence, growing up and gaining maturity as well as life experience and it’s a movie I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching again. If you’d like a preview of the movie you can watch the trailer here.

X+Y #9

Disclosure: We were sent the above movie for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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