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When LP started school she didn’t know how to write and couldn’t even hold a pencil properly. But soon after she started she could write her name, had homework to do and enjoyed practicing how to write letters and learn new words.

But for all of this writing, practicing and learning LP had to use a standard size pencil. It was something I didn’t really think about but I knew then pencils looked far too big for her tiny hands and the weight distribution of them must have made writing even the simplest of words that much more difficult.


Then Write Size sent us a solution. They have made pencils the perfect size for children’s hands. They start at age 2-6 and have three different types to move up through as the child grows. The pencils are well made and the perfect size for LP’s hands. She holds them easier than normal pencils and finds writing with them so much easier too.



We’re always looking for ways to make learning easier for the children and Write Size have thought of something so simple that I wish it had been thought of before. We have everything in child sizes – cutlery, crockery, cups and even furniture in miniature, so why not pencils too? LP loves using her new Write Size pencils and I know Little Man will be using them when he starts to write too. A great invention that I wish we’d had sooner.

Write Size Pencils have an RRP of Β£4.99 per pack


Write Size Pencils have an RRP of Β£4.99 per pack

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

106 thoughts on “Review: Write Size Pencils

  1. My little boy has just started to write but is struggling with his pencil grip so these would be great for him.

  2. The 2-6 pencils would be perfect for my daughter Heidi who is starting school after the summer holidays! πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve never heard of these before, they would be brilliant for my two sons, my eldest is going into Primary 3 and is doing well with his writing, my youngest is just about to start school and would really benefit from these pencils!

  4. My grandson would love the 2+ ones as he’s been learning to write his name at nursery. He loves to show us how he can now do his H.

  5. After finding out in my son’s school report last week that my 5 year old son struggles with writing I’d love to help him in every way I can πŸ™‚

  6. These look fantastic, what a brilliant idea! My seven year old loves coming up with his own stories but gets really frustrated with his pencil when trying to write and struggles with his grip, I think these would be a great help. My two year old is just starting to make her mark with crayons and if these worked for my son I would definitely invest in a set for her too to get her started on the ‘write’ path.

  7. My 8 year old daughter would use these; we are very proud of her as she recently got a handwriting certificate from school for improvement

  8. I would love to send them to my niece in South Africa; I believe that writing with the correct pencil to get children to write neatly and legibly.

  9. My son who is 5, my daughter who is 8 and both my nephews would really benefit from these. they are aged 9, and 11. x

  10. These would be perfect for my daughter as she has EDS and finds holding pens and pencils very difficult. It would be great to see if these would help her.

  11. These would definitely be for my daughter. She’s now noticed that I dont hold pens or pencils properly so trying to get to hold them is proving tricky!

  12. What a great prize. I have three kids but reckon my special needs teenager who is going to high school will use these and love them.

  13. My Grandson ,He loves to draw pictures so his sister,My granddaughter can colour them in ,Cheers for super chance

  14. They would be perfect for our daughter.
    Thanks for the chance.
    I love reading your blogs. Keep up the amazing work.

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