Review: Wood and Wonder Spinning Cogs Toy

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love wooden toys. There’s something about them that I am drawn to and I find it so hard to part with wooden toys – keeping them indefinitely and hoping that one day future generations will be able to play with them too.

Review: Wood and Wonder Spinning Cogs Toy

I recently came across somewhere new to buy wooden toys – Wood and Wonder – and spent a long time browsing their beautiful store. They stock so many quality wooden toys for both indoors and out, toysΒ for inquisitive minds. They all look beautifully made and the sort of things that will last a lifetime.

Review: Wood and Wonder Spinning Cogs Toy

Review: Wood and Wonder Spinning Cogs Toy

Wood and Wonder asked us to review their Spinning Cogs Toy and I loved it immediately. It’s something that both LP and Little Man hadn’t played with previously and it reminded me of a jigsaw in some aspects but something that would also get them really thinking about where to put the cogs.

Review: Wood and Wonder Spinning Cogs Toy

The Spinning Cogs Toy is really well made with beautifully decorated cogs. Both LP and Little Man loved to take the cogs off the main play board and put them back again although Little Man wasn’t sure where to put each piece, I know that he will learn this in time.

Review: Wood and Wonder Spinning Cogs Toy

The main play board has the outline of the cogs so that children know where each piece should go and the cogs come in just two sizes to make placing the cogs a bit tricky but not too difficult. Once the cogs are in place you can use one of the cogs with a handle on it to turn all the cogs, making them move in sequence.

Review: Wood and Wonder Spinning Cogs Toy

The children love the Spinning Cogs Toy and I know that it will be played with and treasured for literally years to come.

The Spinning Cogs Toy has an RRP of Β£12.95

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

127 thoughts on “Review: Wood and Wonder Spinning Cogs Toy

  1. My special needs son would absolutely love that spinning cogs toy so I will have to say that is our favourite! πŸ™‚

  2. Aren’t wooden toys lovely? I do like the UFO, and the Pirate skittles – am I allowed to have two favourites?

  3. I like the traffic teaser, toys like that keep my son entertained for ages, which is great as we usually find them in waiting rooms πŸ˜‰ x

  4. I love the clock – It has such longevity to it, which helps as I too hate to get rid of wooden toys as I know they last.

  5. I love, love, love wooden toys- my favourite is the train set- it’s such a classic toy you just know it would be cherished and played with and *hopefully* passed down as a treasure to another generation….

  6. The Spinning Cogs game looks just fantastic! Love all the wooden puzzles, the dolls house which looks amazing and so easy for little ones to play with, the fab arts and crafts sets …… so much to choose from. I love it all!

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