Review: Winchester Christmas Market

This afternoon we picked LP up from preschool and drove to Winchester for the Christmas market. This is usually something we spend the whole day at but because the weather was a bit grey and to fit in with Little Man’s nap we decided to send LP to preschool as usual and just have the afternoon in Winchester.

When we got there we parked in one of the few car parks in Winchester that all have super tiny parking spaces from when cars were a lot smaller – everything in Winchester is dated but that isn’t really a bad thing, just a bit more difficult as a family – steps up to shops, car parks with no lifts etc but Winchester is a beautiful town so you can easily forgive the slightly inconvenient parts.

We then went to Pizza Express – the only chain restaurant accepting Taste Card in December, and had a really lovely meal – the children shared a kids meal, both being quite confused by having a starter and LP demanded ice cream instead of her main! Hubby and I picked a couple of Pizza Express’ festive choices though – I had a duck pizza that was just like chinese duck pancakes, amazing! It should definitely be a permanent feature on their menu.



After lunch we had a wander around the market, set in the grounds of the cathedral it really is beautiful but would have been better on a day without drizzle. But we made the most of it, wandering around the stalls and looking at all the craftiness, the smell of mulled wine and festive treats in the air.



The one thing I love about Christmas Markets are the wooden huts – like festive garden sheds – all lined up in rows. They are so cute and so random at the same time. I will never tire of going to Christmas Markets and when the children are older I’d love to take them ice skating too – LP was in awe watching some seemingly professional skaters practice on the rink. She has a thing about ice skating at the moment and loves to pretend she’s skating all the time. Oh the imagination of a three year old!


So if you’re looking for a day out before Christmas, head to Winchester. It’s a beautiful place to visit anyway but the Christmas Market makes it that little bit extra special.


Disclosure: I have not been asked to write this post, nor compensated in any way. All thoughts are as always my own.

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