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Until Wildlife Jack landed on our doorstep I hadn’t heard of it before but it is quite a popular show on Disney Junior – I have no idea how I’ve missed it! The moment we turned the DVD on I was sucked in – not to mention the children! It has a cartoon Jack superimposed on a live action background, one of my favourite types of film from childhood. The mix of live action and cartoon is something that LP loved too and that was before we’d started to watch it properly!


Jack lives in a city but with the help of a book written by his Grandpa, his bedroomed is transformed and Wildlife Jack explores the great outdoors, adventuring with animals and teaching the viewer all about different kinds of wildlife. He tries to fly with birds, meets seals at the beach and makes friends with all sorts of British wildlife. LP loved that she could recognise so many animals easily but I liked that there were ones that she wasn’t familiar with so she had things to learn too. I also loved that whatever trouble Jack got into his Grandpa was always there to save him whilst teaching him all about the animals.


Wildlife Jack teaches children about animals and the outdoors in a way that they can really relate to, that makes it fun and turns it into an adventure. I am sure that whether your children like being outdoors or not, and whether they are very interested in animals they would love Wildlife Jack. Jack is likeable and fun and the whole of Wildlife Jack has a really lovely format that appeals to children and adults alike.

Episode 1

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Long Lost Families. Nice to see and hear of meeting, keeping in contact etc. Especially after having been parted for years, parted yet longing for family member to be happy, healthy etc.Some feeling a need to know that they are ok.

  2. It would be wrong to say Masha and the Bear wouldn’t it! The kids love it and I find myself watching it when it’s on

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