Review: Weight Watchers Custard Creams and Bourbon Creams

I have written many, many times about our love of biscuits. I could live without a lot of things but even when I was following Weight Watchers Simple Start I would have two Jaffa Cakes as my treat each day – I know, not technically a biscuit but you get my point.

Hubby and I love having biscuits in the house and our favourites have always been Bourbon Creams, for me, and Custard Creams for Hubby. If we buy biscuits more often than not those biscuits will find their way into the trolley and they are the ones we always revert back to even if we try other biscuits every now and again.

So when Weight Watchers got in contact to tell us about their new Custard Creams and Bourbon Creams I knew we had to try them – a healthier version of our favourite biscuits couldn’t be a bad thing, but could they live up to the expectations of Hubby and I?


Weight Watchers sent us a couple of packs of each of the new biscuits along with a gorgeous Time To Blog mug. When they arrived I did what any self respecting blogger would do – I put the kettle on, made a cup of tea and got ready for the best biscuit test of them all – dunkability!

Hubby and I both tried the Bourbon Creams and Custard Creams and we had mixed opinions. One thing I have to say is if you’re expecting a traditional biscuit you will be disappointed. Both biscuits are a twist on the classics and aren’t made to replicate the biscuits we know and love – purely to be an alternative. Hubby was expecting his same classic sandwich biscuit – the Custard Creams with the thick cream in the middle, eating one half the biscuit and licking the cream off before eating the rest as you did as a child. For this reason the new Custard Creams didn’t live up to his expectations and he found them dry and there was too much biscuit for the amount of cream.


I on the other hand really enjoyed both the Bourbon Creams and Custard Creams. The style of them are different to the traditional biscuits – they are one single biscuit with part covered in cream. They are on the dry side but this makes them great for dunking and when dunked they taste exactly like any other Bourbon Creams or Custard Creams.

I love the fact that with Weight Watchers Custard Creams and Bourbon Creams I can eat a good alternative to my favourite biscuits for less calories with the bonus of coming in a resealable packet. These would never get emptied into the biscuit tin like other biscuits and I’d be able to just take two and reseal the pack! These won’t be for everyone but if you are counting calories, following any kind of diet plan or just like to pick a healthier alternative now and again then these are definitely worth trying.

Weight Watchers Custard Creams and Bourbon Creams have an RRP of £1.50 a pack.


Disclosure: We were sent the above biscuits for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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