Review: Weebles Weebledown Farm Big Barn Playset

I remember Weebles fondly from my own childhood and when we were given the chance to review the new Weebles Weebledown Farm Big Barn Playset I couldn’t wait to introduce Weebles to Little Man.


The Weebles Weebledown Farm Big Barn Playset is one of a whole range of new Weeble toys which makes it a great starting point for a Weebles collection. The Weebledown Farm Big Barn Playset comes with minimal packaging and is easy to remove from the box – a great plus point!


Included in the set is the Weebledown Farm Big Barn Playset and one Weeble figure – Rusty the Rooster. It is slightly disappointing that only one figure is included but you do have the choice to buy extra ones separately for as little as £5. Having seen Little Man play with the Weebledown Farm Big Barn Playset I would think it would be better with at least two figures.


There are numerous points on the Weebledown Farm Big Barn Playset where you can place figures to see them wobble although only two of these have any real function. The main part of the Big Barn Playset is the slide and little man quickly learnt how to put the Weeble at the top of the slide and press the plunger next to it to get the Weeble to wobble all the way to the bottom of the slide and onto the roundabout. He could then press the plunger another time to see the roundabout spin around at the same time as the windmill spins around. Other than that there are three other perches where you can put Weebles purely to see them wobble.


Overall I think the game play is a little bit limited but would be increased if you were to buy other Weebles toys to play with together – other characters or the Weebles Wobbly Tractor. On it’s own I do think there should really be more to the toy although Little Man loves it and will play with it for hours – the repetitiveness doesn’t bother him and he is just happy to be able to make the toy work by himself. I think the age range of 18 months onwards is pretty much spot on as a younger child wouldn’t know how to operate the farm but an older child can still get enjoyment from it – LP has taken ownership of Weebledown Farm as soon as she’s come home from nursery each day!

Weebledown Farm Big Barn Playset has an RRP of £29.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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