Ways to Recycle Your Nonabox Boxes!


As you’ve probably seen, we’ve been reviewing Nonabox over the last few months. The boxes are great and I’ve been really pleased with them. One added extra that I’ve never really spoken about with Nonabox is that each ‘box’ is an actual hard box with a lid – really good quality, a great size and lovely and purple in colour.

Ways to Recycle Your Nonabox Boxes

I’m a fan of reusing things – I save bubble wrap and cardboard boxes to use at a later date and every time our recycling bin is collected it will be bursting with every recyclable item I’ve crammed into it. I absolutely hate waste and have been looking at ideas of ways to reuse the Nonabox boxes that I’ve started to collect.

I now have three boxes and obviously anyone that has a Nonabox subscription over a long period will end up with many more boxes. So what to do with them?

  • The lovely Mama Geek used her box to house her Daughter’s Advent Calendar! Such a lovely idea and you could use the boxes as packaging for presents – wrap them in brown paper and tie with ribbon or wrap in pretty paper – they’re as good as as gift box in the shop and so much nicer as you’ve ‘made’ the gift box yourself.
  • Use them to store paperwork – The boxes are A4 and a great size for paperwork. Many people like to keep payslips, bank statements or any old paperwork and the Nonabox boxes would be great to pack documents away in and label easily.
  • You can use the boxes to keep toys together – putting a whole tea set in one, trains for a train set in another, play food in another. The boxes are a great size for a whole multitude of toys.
  • Art and craft materials would fit nicely in the boxes – Have one box for pens, pencils, crayons. Another box for paper and another box for paints, paintbrushes and messy play.

I haven’t quite decided how to use my Nonabox Boxes yet. They’re the same colour as LP’s room and would make handy storage in there and I could even leave them on display as the Nonabox logo is v cute! I could imagine keeping all her bits and bobs in them as she gets older.

Ways to Recycle Your Nonabox Boxes

Alternatively, I love a good filing system and these boxes could be great for that – Need Doing, Need Filing, Need Shredding, Need Something Doing But Don’t Know What. I could have a whole host of boxes!

Realistically though, if you’re friends with me and a special occasion comes up then you may more than likely receive your present in a Nonabox tied with a bow!

Thinking about it, it would be great if Nonabox did a recycling scheme – Return 6 boxes to us and get… Something. Nonabox could reuse the boxes for future months and the customers could get a discount off the following month’s subscription? There’s obviously the cost of sending the boxes back so this wouldn’t be an easy thing to put in place but would be amazing if it could happen one day.

Until then I’ll be using my Nonabox boxes any way I can.

As Jack Johnson said, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Ways to Recycle Your Nonabox Boxes

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I reviewed Nonabox and had boxes left from their subscription service. I like to recycle and thought I’d write about the options.


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