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Just over a year ago we were lucky enough to review the Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Steam Mop and have been using it religiously ever since. It’s perfect for our lino floored kitchen and dining room as well as the new tiles on our bathroom floor.

If you haven’t heard of the Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Steam Mop plugs into the mains, charges in 90 seconds and can then be unplugged to have 30 minutes of cordless cleaning. It cleans just using water and the power of steam and makes mopping such an effortless task.

Druck 100 degree hot spray mop
The 100°C Hot Spray Steam Mop is just one of Vileda’s great range of cleaning products but it’s one that we use most often and really wouldn’t be without. I have teamed up with Vileda to give away a 100°C Hot Spray Steam Mop to one lucky reader. If you would like to get your hands on this fantastic prize just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below – good luck!

The Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Steam Mop has an RRP of £59.99

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242 thoughts on “Vileda Giveaway!

  1. Kitchen, Bathroom & Toilet are tiled & the hall is marbled, so I’m hoping I’d be able to use it on that floor also 🙂

  2. I would clean my kitchen floor and the tiled porch floor and even the bathroom, it would definitely get lots of use in my house!!!!

  3. My front door leads in to a vinyl covered hallway with the kitched one side and the loo the other side, so lots of floors which show up the dirt from the front door, so those 3 floors would be my daily routine with the Vileda mop 🙂

  4. The kitchen floor. I can see this being really handy with no cord! Perfect to keep the floor clean when dirt often gets trod in in the winter months.

  5. i would clean my hallway floors. We have laminate flooring and its allways filthy from muddy boots. we have a doormat but still end up with muddy tracks through the hall xx

  6. The kitchen tiles – the wall behind the cooker is very difficult to reach and this super mop would make the task much easier.

  7. We have wooden floors throughout our house except for the tiles in the bathroom, plus we have a very naughty dog who likes to bring half the garden back inside on his paws so this Vileda mop would see enemy action every single day, but from your great review it looks well equipped for combat. Love the fact that the steam kills all those nasty bugs and germs. x

  8. The floors, I’d take it abroad too because it would be very handy at my aunts house, her hallway and kitchen floors are made of marble so this would be very handy!

  9. All our floors, we don’t have any carpets, 1st one would be kitchen as other half is a dirty sod with his spilling and not cleaning up after himself

  10. I just want to clean clean clean my bathroom …. kitchen … hallway …. lounge …. everywhere that has steamable floors !!! and in the bathroom the walls too … YAY !!! my OCD would be happy because everything would be clean !!!

  11. I would clean my WHOLE house :). We are in the middle of a house project: ripping the wallpaper, re-plastering walls, redoing the kitchen and a bathroom, so you can only imagine the amount of dust and filth and God knows what 🙂 !

  12. kitchen floors would be the first thing to be cleaned. even though I have door mats outside and inside the back door, lots of dirt gets trecked in from the garden by the kids and pets

  13. Has to be the kitchen floor, really hubby does all the cooking and hes very clean, but I do the cleaning so I get the odd spill etc.

  14. I would get good use out of this, I would use it on my bathroom, kitchen and living room floors. I bet they would come up cleaner and more hygienic than my normal mop

  15. My mop snapped so at the moment I’m cleaning the flooring in my flat by skating on wet old towels lol, so I’d love to win this mop to clean all the flooring in my flat. Thanks for the chance x

  16. My kitchen and bathroom floors. Esp my bathroom, with 3 young ones you can never be to careful with cleaning and keeping germs at bay

  17. ALL OUR FLOORS, with 3 dogs and 3 new puppies it is a hourly event at the moment. Oh please let me win this competition I really need it!!! xxxxxxx

  18. wow superb prize giveaway indeed definitely the kitchen,hallway and livingroom floors with 2 dogs and 11 kitties running about a good cleaning job looks the business with this mighty gadget

  19. If I was lucky enough to #win I would use the Vileda mop for the kitchen and bathroom vinyl floors and lounge wooden floor. All need a good clean. 🙂

  20. I would clean my tiled kitchen floor and then take the mop to my partner’s place and clean his kitchen floor, too! Just the once – to show off my new mop! 😉

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