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Even before shops in England started charging for carrier bags I was keen to utilise reusable carrier bags wherever possible. With Trolley Bags though I don’t need carrier bags but I also have a great organisational tool for shopping too!


Trolley Bags come as a set of four heavy duty, brightly coloured bags that fit perfectly into standard size shopping trolleys. The bags vary in size to fit nicely from one end of the trolley to the other and the bags hold together with velcro to make sure they stay open and in place throughout your shopping trip.


The set of Trolley Bags can be rolled up for easy storage and you can open the bags out when you get to the supermarket checkout for easy packing – or like us, you can scan your shopping as you go round the supermarket and pack everything into the Trolley Bags as you go! The bags are numbered so you place them in the trolley in the right order and they stay attached by velcro even when rolled for storage so that they take seconds to open up and place in the trolley.


The Trolley Bags have a mesh bottom so you can see what’s in each bag easily and I’ve started using the different coloured bags for different contents – fridge and frozen in blue, fruit and vegetables in green for example. The bags can be lifted out of the shopping trolley easily and placed straight into the back of the car. As they hold their shape well you won’t have the contents rolling around the boot either.



I love our Trolley Bags and I know we’ll be using them on many shopping trips in future. They now live in the car boot ready for any impromptu shopping trip. Trolley Bags even come in an express size too so that if you’re a fan of the shallow shopping trolleys there’s a set of Trolley Bags just for you. I don’t think I’ll ever be using a supermarket carrier bag going forward – plus my shopping is always so nicely organised when I get home that it’s easier to unpack everything too!

Trolley Bags have an RRP of £16.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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