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Last year we reviewed Trolley Bags and they have literally transformed how we do our big food shops. Admittedly, most of the time we get groceries delivered but, on those occasions when we forget and really need to do a shop we always have Trolley Bags in the boot of the car, ready to grab and use, packing our shopping as we walk around the store, scanning it as we go.

But Trolley Bags have now produced a new addition to their range – a Trolley Bags Original Cool! It’s the fifth bag in the set and the perfect cool bag to keep your shopping cool as you’re walking around the supermarket and on the journey home.



The Original Cool is a great size and fits perfectly inside the smallest Trolley Bag. It can be folded up for easy storage and has velcro straps to keep it nicely contained. It folds out easily and makes a really rigid cool bag when in use – it can be freestanding and the carry handles really help when moving it into and out of the car.



Whenever we go shopping I always leave the freezer section until the end but having the Trolley Bags Original Cool gives me reassurance that I can shop for that much longer without fear of my fish fingers defrosting before I’ve got to the salad aisle!


The cool bag is the perfect shopping trip accessory and even if you don’t own a set of Trolley Bags it would be great for not only a supermarket trip but for a picnic, trip to the beach or even a long car journey.


We love Trolley Bags and think that the Original Cool is a great addition to our shopping trips. I can’t imagine a supermarket trip without them!

The Trolley Bags Original Cool has an RRP of Β£7.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

129 thoughts on “Review: Trolley Bags Original Cool

  1. These Trolley Bags are great – I think they would encourage me to try self scanning to save time as I haven’t yet x

  2. They would make it so much easier as we usually shop at Lidl or Aldi which have no packing area at the tills to it all has to be put into the trolley then re-packed into bags elsewhere.

  3. The trolley bags would encourage me to try self scanning at busy times of the year i.e. Xmas. They would also mean I could use any trolley, I’d no longer have to wait for a small trolley as I find placing items and taking them out of the bigger trolley difficult due to them being too deep.

  4. would save time on trying to open 5p carrier bags that rip save money and organise the shopping within the spaces provided

  5. It would encourage me to shop instore more. For me, part of the hastle is having to load and unload shopping to pay for the items, then sort out when I get home. This would half the time and save a lot of hastle.

  6. It would make it so much easier, and I’d be able to organise things just as I want so much easier. Would be much quicker for when the little one is in tow too I think.

  7. I usually scan, shop and pack as I go round Tesco’s so I think these would make it easier as I like the way they hang over the trolley to hold them open. I like they are strong and sometimes I do forget my bags so this would save me the 5p charge too!

  8. They would make me more likely to do a weekly large shop instead of a bunch of small shops. And I’d give scanning while shopping a try when at stores offering it.

  9. I saw a lady using these a couple of weeks ago and thought what a fab idea they are. I have a bag full of bags and spend ages at the check out, annoying the people in the queue behind me, deciding what size bag I should use to out my shopping in. Decisions made much easier – hmmm which colour bag should I put my shopping in!????? Seriously, such a good idea

  10. I could get rid of my old worn bags and have some nice new ones. I like the idea of different colours, so that when I get home I would know all the frozen food was in the blue bag.

  11. i shop alot at Aldi and Lidl, and they are famous for not giving you time to pack, these would make it easier as bags are laid out easily in trolly and i can just put them in the bag instead of in the trolley and sort out afterwards.

  12. Trolley bags would save me so much time. I’d probably be more prepared to do ‘bigger’ one-off shops than trying to pick things up piece meal over a few days and sorting items out as I go in the supermarket cuts the packing away time when I get home.

  13. I think it would help me to be quicker and more systematic with my shopping and I’d never have to worry about forgetting my bags again!

  14. These would be so handy, especially if I scanned as I shopped. Anything to make life easier with two crazy boys helping me shop! ????

  15. they would be super handy to keep things organised, no more exploding plastic bags, no more bags falling over in the boot and tins rolling and squashing my bread!

  16. It would save me time and with the house being such a distance from the car would mean that I don’t have the worry of bags breaking and dropping my shopping in the street. I find it hard to stand for long periods of time due to health problems, these bags would mean spending less time at the checkout especially when using the self scan portable device.
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  17. our bags never fit into the trolley properly so when packing all the food goes wonky and like it is thrown in! haha this would be fab as they stay where they are put and it would be more organised πŸ™‚

  18. It would save time when shopping and when I got back home as would be able to get the frozen and chilled items put away easily as would be so quick to find

  19. I love self scanning and having these would be great to keep my shopping organised ready to put away at home instead of having to sort through it all

  20. My packing would be a lot neater with these bags and the boot of my car would be a lot tidier (not full of bags for life!!)

  21. It would make my shop so much more organised especially where I can scan and shop
    I’d just put everything in as I go around on my big shop load my car and hey presto -loads of time saved as well as energy too

  22. Fab! These would definitely make the checkout experience less stressful – 3 people trying to sort and pack is a nightmare, packing would also be more organise because the boys (hubby and son) just chuck anything in any bag and don’t bother about things being crushed or squashed

  23. I always, always, always forget to take my bag for life into the store! I think if I had the trolley bags as I’d be using them straight away rather than after my shop I wouldn’t forget!

  24. The trolley bags would be much easier to load into my car and unpack at home as my larder, fridge and freezer are not near each other.

  25. I always shop n Tesco and use the ‘Scan as you shop’ facility – but it gets annoying as I always forget my bags. So there I am, trotting along and filling my trolley with goods – get to the till and then I have to start packing into carrier bags! These would be great!

  26. Well we go to Aldi a lot and you have to be super super quick in there to pack your stuff so these bags would make life a whole lot easier! What a great idea πŸ™‚

  27. I think i’d try the scanning myself method as I shop so I can pack my bags as I go instead of going to a check out.

  28. I shop at Aldi so to put the food straight into the bags in the trolley would save time re-packing after we have paid!

  29. i Think it would help me to keep my groceries organised at home as they are all over the place at the moment, also it would dramatically cut down on the plastic bags that we use which will help us as a family become a more economical household. I love this concept and they would be put to good use πŸ™‚

  30. it would not change the way I do my shopping, but, it would change the way I pack my shopping. Things could be packed better like the chilled and frozen stuff could be put all toghter, and the other stuff could be packed into the right bags instead of just anywhere

  31. Im really slow at packing because I like to sort my shopping so these would be a dream to help me be faster

  32. I shop at Aldi, the prices are amazing but the products have to go in the trolley quickly, as they scan so fast. These bags would help to do this and still keep everything organised how i like it.

  33. I’m so OCD with packing my shopping at the checkout, I do my grandads shopping for him too so these would help keep organised x

  34. This would stop the faff at the till when trying to pack bags. Plus you could carry the bags to the car rather than taking the trolley to the car. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance.

  35. I would be able to pack as I go and use the shop and scan with ease instead of getting flustered at the till as the checkout girl fires the shopping at me at lightening speed!!

  36. I don’t self-scan … but I would find these bags so useful when trying to quickly pack and separate groceries as they pike up at the end of the checkout.

  37. We always scan & shop now and although we do use reuseable bags you spend so much time trying to get them to stand up right & not collapse it just gets annoying. With Trolley Bags you can just put them in the trolley & then pack wisely as you shop. Whereas at the moment we just find heavy stuff (milk, tins) to go into the bottom of each bag to hold them open.

  38. With a large family it would make packing up the shopping a lot easier and quicker so the children get less frustrated at the checkout.

  39. It would make packing shopping a whole lot easier and having myself not worry about the bag breaking! there more surcure i would love these!

  40. These would be a godsend as I could actually sort the shopping as I put it in the trolley! It would make unpacking so much simpler and quicker at home!

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