Review: Tostadora T-Shirts

Hubby loves wearing t-shirts – there’s nothing nicer than a new 100% cotton t-shirt and so when Tostadora asked if we’d like to review a t-shirt from their vast range it made sense that we chose a t-shirt for Hubby.


Now this is where it got tricky. Tostadora simply has too much choice! Whether you want a slogan t-shirt or one with superheroes or TV characters – they have something for everyone. The majority of the t-shirt designs I had never seen before and each design comes with a choice of t-shirt colour too so you can really get the t-shirt exactly as you want it.


Hubby chose the e2t2 t-shirt which I loved too – it had the classic ET movie cover on it but with C3PO and R2D2 instead of ET and Elliott. This is such a great t-shirt for any sci-fi fan and any Spielberg or Star Wars fan would love it.


Hubby really liked the t-shirt and found it comfortable to wear. The sizing was good and the t-shirt washes well – there’s not much else you need from a t-shirt! Tostadora had speedy delivery and the t-shirt arrived well packaged and nicely folded which is always a bonus.


Tostadora don’t just sell t-shirts though. They sell a wide range of clothing and accessories for the whole family and I’m sure it’s all the same great quality as Hubby’s t-shirt. If you love clothing that’s a bit different, with a picture or slogan on it that you won’t see on someone else when you’re walking down the street then Tostadora is the place for you.

The e2t2 t-shirt has an RRP of Β£16.20


Disclosure: We were sent the above t-shirt for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

109 thoughts on “Review: Tostadora T-Shirts

  1. Anything laughing about Star Wars would be great. I thoroughly enjoyed the original film, but some people just take it too seriously

  2. What an absolutely great site. Have had a look through the fab selection of t-shirts and if I’m lucky enough to win I’d like No more slaves t-shirt
    by babydark.
    Thankyou for this lovely chance xx

  3. I like the Tiger with glasses (in the hipster section)
    I was on your site for ages – I really like the wall art too

  4. That t-shirt is awesome! It’s cool that Tostadora has so many options to choose from-I’m sure that attracts a diverse range of clients! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Retro gamer t-shirt

    My hubby is a massive retro gamer. Big kid at heart and he would love this T-Shirt.
    It would be the perfect gift for our anniversary!
    Thank you for the chance.

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