Top Products for Eating on the Go

The children and I are forever out and about whether it’s to work and preschool, our with friends, on day trips or just to the park for a picnic and so we have gathered quite a collection of products to help us with eating on the go. Here are a few of our favourites.

Fresh Yoghurt Cup

Whenever I am trying to eat healthier I like to have low fat yogurt as a snack and often with fruit. The Fresh Yoghurt Cup lets you take yoghurt with you – to work, for a picnic or just in your bag for those peckish moments – and it even has a separate section to include whatever topping you feel like.

Top Products for Eating on the Go

I’ve been using the Fresh Yoghurt Cup to take yogurt to work with me and love filling the top section with fresh fruit or granola. You could also add chocolate chips, nuts or pretty much anything else. The kids love this too although it’s too big for one serving for them – they usually share it during picnics!

Top Products for Eating on the Go


We reviewed the YumBox last year and LP has used it almost constantly since. It has five compartments for different food items and seals tightly shut with a waterproof seal so you can even put yogurt and things in it without fear of getting soggy crisps!

Top Products for Eating on the Go

The YumBox is great for giving children a variety of foods to eat and is perfect for days out, picnics or a packed lunch. It helps give children good portion sizes too as well as a balanced diet with food group prompts that you can use for ideas on what to pack inside. LP loves it and we’ll be getting Little Man one at some point too!

Top Products for Eating on the Go

Munchkin Snack Catchers

We have used Munchkin Snack Catchers for literally years and I always recommend them to people who have a weaning baby as they last around a year of age all the way up until preschool or longer – depending on your child!

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Little Man and LP loved using their Snack Catchers on days out, in the pushchair or in the car to stop them dropping precious snacks and treats on the floor. I loved how much independence they gave the children and Little Man still uses his at times too.

Sistema Soup Mug

I love Sistema products and the Soup Mug is great! Fill it will soup before you leave the house, take it to work, zap it in the microwave and you then have soup ready to eat – or drink! You can then chuck it back in your bag afterwards and take it home to wash.

Top Products for Eating on the Go

The Sistema Soup Cup stops you needing a bowl to eat your soup from and saves you having to find a tin opener when you get to work – or wherever else you may want to eat soup.

Lisa Angel Snack Pots

I found these snack pots online and as a bit of a plastic box fan I just had to have them. They’re bigger than I expected – holding two generous portions of fruit in each. The children had outgrown a lot of their more babyish pots that we took out with us and these are perfect for the next stage that we’re in. They look good, fasten well and hold whatever you want – I love them!

Top Products for Eating on the Go

Cath Kidston Sandwich Pots

I am a huge Cath Kidston fan and love the cloud designs that are around at the moment. We bought these boxes when we were in Center Parcs recently and I absolutely love them! They fit inside each other for easy storage and the larger box holds sandwiches perfectly. We use them for sandwiches, snacks or just to keep things fresh in the fridge. They are the first box I pick for taking on a picnic!

Top Products for Eating on the Go

Disclosure: I was sent the Yogurt Pot to include in this post however all opinions are my own.

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