Today I am 32

Do you ever look at life and wonder how you got here? Today I am 32 and it’s not an age I’m bothered about really, or even an age I really feel. I look at myself and my age as two completely unrelated things.

I think in my head I will be 24 forever.

24 was the year I got married. It was the year that Hubby and I started to really plan our future together, the year when our first house went on the market, hoping to move to a forever home and have children one day.

Since then life has just got better and better. By the time I turned 30 there was nothing else I wanted. I was happy, content and really enjoying the life that we had built with two gorgeous children and a beautiful home.

So a couple of years on and nothing has really changed – we have just kept enjoying life and each month has rolled easily into the next. I don’t feel 32 but when I look at my life on paper I feel like I have achieved quite a lot for those years, I have a lot to show for them and I am so proud of, not just myself, but us. Hubby and I, for the life we have built together.

And so, turning 32 is pretty much just another day. It’s a day where I don’t really need material things – I have more than I could ever have hoped for. Instead, I’ll be spending today doing the usual things – the school run, cooking dinner, putting the children to bed. Hubby and I will grab brunch together before he goes to work and once the kids are asleep tonight I might have a celebratory gin and tonic – toasting another year older and the start of a brand new year to enjoy with my favourite people.

Some people hate getting older but I appreciate the year that has been and the new year that is starting. 32 will bring us a shiny new extension – complete with a shiny new kitchen. It will bring changes to our work life balance and it will see me having full days to fill when Little Man starts school next September. I can already tell that 32 will be a pretty good year, just as 31 and 30 before it have also been great years.

So there we have it. Happy Birthday to me. Another year older, another year wiser and another year of wonderful memories to treasure. Thanks 31, you were a pretty good year to me and I am really looking forward to seeing what 32 will bring.


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  1. Happy birthday. It is lovely to see someone appreciating all they have rather than worrying about all the don’t. This approach to life can only make you a strong person and will ensure this year to come will be great.

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