Review: Technology Will Save Us – DIY Electric Dough Kit #futureinventors

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned science experiment?! When Technology Will Save Us sent us their DIY Electric Dough Kit to review Hubby and I couldn’t wait to introduce LP to the wonder of science, all with the help of playdoh!


Little Man decided he wanted in on the action too so whilst Hubby was working out what to do with the kit Little Man amused himself cutting shapes out of dough. The kit actually explains how to make dough at home but as we’re not the most crafty of families we decided to use some ready made stuff instead!


It was great watching LP and Hubby use the DIY Electric Dough Kit together. LP was really interested in the electrics side of it and watched Hubby put the first circuit together before getting stuck in herself. The kit is great to teach children how a circuit is formed, positive and negative and all the basics of electronics.


The DIY Electric Dough Kit helps you create circuits using LED bulbs and a buzzer and we were able to use a ball of dough as a switch and also dough as sections of the circuit. It was great fun and educational too! The kit is powered by a battery pack which uses 4AA batteries – not supplied. Although technically electric this is a safe kit for children to use and experiment with.


LP absolutely loved learning about electricity through this kit and although it was her first experience of a real science experiment she seemed to take a lot in and loved making the lights work. It was a great alternative to just playing with playdoh and it was nice to do something indoors that was different, educational and didn’t involve the TV!


Technology Will Save Us have a whole range of kits allowing you to make technology at home. They’re all fun yet educational and I’ll definitely be getting more in the future – not just for the kids but for us too! Why not join the conversation with us on social media around the hashtag #futureinventors and try these kits for yourself?


Disclosure: This review is sponsored by Technology Will Save Us however all opinions are my own.

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