Magazines {The Ordinary Moments}

We have a little bit of a tradition in our house – magazines. Whenever we go on a long journey, a couple of hours in the car, we pick magazines up for the children to keep them entertained, have a little treat and be something else to do that doesn’t involve staring at the in-car DVD players.

LP and Little Man love magazines – there’s always a free toy or other treat with them and the pages are full of bright colours and so much to look at. They spend hours scouring the pages, reading stories, looking at pictures and doing activities – a magazine to them is like the most wonderful treat – and one that just keeps on giving.

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Window Watching – The Ordinary Moments

LP has started to realise when Daddy will be leaving for work, when he’ll be coming home and that there is a whole world outside our window – it doesn’t stop just because we’ve come through the front door.

After Christmas we rearranged the furniture and our toy box is now back in front of the window, it’s original home but a place it hasn’t been since LP was tiny. This has become LP’s favourite place to climb up and sit, to look out the window and watch the world go by.

She climbs up there when Daddy announces he’s off to work and if I say to her that Daddy will be home soon she’ll climb up to wait for the first glimpse of him as he comes home.

I imagine times in the future, where both LP and Little Man will be sat on the toy box, waiting for that first glimpse of Daddy or waving to him as he leaves for work in the afternoon but for now Little Man is slightly too small to climb onto the toy box and LP sits there by herself, watching people walk past, pointing out the cars and shouting at our cats playing outside.


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And Then There Were Two – The Ordinary Moments

Little Man and I haven’t had that much time by ourselves as since he was born LP has always been there. It’s been lovely but when LP started preschool I was looking forward to having some time with Little Man.

One of the things I love most is walking back home with Little Man after dropping LP off in the morning. The buggy board is folded up and I can walk right behind Little Man. I always pull the hood of the pushchair back so that we can chat and I talk to him all the way home. He points at things, makes noises and holds my hand at times. The walk only takes fifteen minutes or so but Little Man is happy, chatty and lovely. I am more relaxed as I have nothing to rush for and we can just walk, and talk.

When we get home the time is spent doing so many different things – housework, playing, TV. But those fifteen minutes are just about Little Man and I. Yes, we walk to pick LP up after she finishes preschool but I then have to rush to be there in time and Little Man is then tired as it’s later in the day. The walk home after dropping her off is definitely one of the nicest parts of my time alone with Little Man.


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Dancing – The Ordinary Moments

LP has an obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It has taken over from her love of Curious George and everything she does revolves around the MMCH characters – she acts out the stories, takes the cuddly toys to bed with her and recites the TV episodes whilst she watches them.

The one thing that she has gained from MMCH, apart from an american accent, is a love of dancing. There’s one song on the show, that LP loves more than any other and has to dance to. It’s this song from the ‘Minnie-rella’ episode.

Watching the TV show just isn’t enough. When the song comes on LP has to dance. First she would twirl by herself but then she moved on to needed Hubby or I to dance with her, or even Little Man if he was willing.

This has now moved on so that even if the TV isn’t on LP will ask to dance. She used to just hold our hands and dance but now, as far as she is concerned, she is Minnie-rella and she needs us to hold her, with her arm around our waist and holding our other hand and dance ‘properly’. If we try to just hold her hands or if we don’t dance the way Mickey and Minnie do on the TV then she gets very upset!

So LP now loves to dance – although she needs us to dance along with her!


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