Scentco Scented Stationery Review and Giveaway!

LP loves drawing, writing and colouring. She’s really into anything creative at the moment and has asked that when our extension is finished whether she can have her very own creativity corner – full of pens, paper and craft supplies. But, for now, she was sent a lovely package of products from Scentco to try out.

Scentco create scented stationery – with everything from pens and pencils to notebooks and LP couldn’t have been more excited to experience her first ever smelly pens. They’re something I remember from my own childhood but I could tell from the Scentco products that they have come so far in that time.

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Review: Blaze and the Monster Machines Magazine

The children love magazines and it’s always nice to have something new to read so when the first edition of the new Blaze and the Monster Machines magazine arrived for us to review Little Man couldn’t be more excited. The show is one of his TV favourites so to have a magazine version that he can read wherever he is was like a dream come true.

Review: Blaze and the Monster Machines Magazine

The Blaze and the Monster Machines magazine came complete with a fantastic race car set and a giant play mat. The addition of the play mat made this such a worthwhile toy and one that LP and Little Man played with for hours before putting it away to play with another day. It had bridges, road signs and two little cars in the set – so much more substantial than more magazine toys.

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Dyrham Park {National Trust}

On our way to Cardiff at the start of the year we stopped off at a National Trust property – Dyrham Park – to break our journey up. It’s only now, a month later, that I realise I didn’t write about it, maybe only mentioning it in passing but it’s such a beautiful property that I really needed to dedicate a post to it.

I knew nothing about Dyrham Park before we arrived in the incredibly muddy car park. There was a bus down to the main house but we decided, after a couple of hours in the car, that we would stretch our legs and walk.

It takes about fifteen minutes to walk to the house, all downhill – and uphill on the way back to the car. It’s a beautiful walk, either down a treelined road or across country down a pretty steep hill but for the walk down we decided to stick to the road and the children loved spotting the house from high up on the hillside.

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Review: Philips Health Watch

There are so many smart watches and activity trackers around that it can be hard to find the perfect one to suit your needs. Philips recently sent us their Health Watch, which, as the name suggests, has health at the heart of everything it does.

The Philips Health Watch does everything you would expect from an activity tracker – monitoring your steps as well as your heart rate and quality of your sleep. But rather than just monitoring your heart rate whilst you’re active it also shows your natural resting heart rate and heart rate zones. The watch also estimates your heart rate recovery and really helps you to understand and monitor how your body works, making it easy to flag if there’s a problem or if you should have a rest or slow down.

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Review: Venturer EliteWin S 11K Mini Laptop

Last year we reviewed a Venturer notebook computer and when the new model was announced we couldn’t wait to try it out. As a tech loving family we really enjoying testing the latest gadgets and the Venturer EliteWin S 11K was a pretty exciting delivery.

Review: Venturer EliteWin S 11K Mini Laptop

The Venturer EliteWin S 11K is the latest in a great line of 2-in-1 Mini Laptops from Ventura. It features an 11.6 inch touch screen, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. It also boasts an Intel Atom processor for multitasking, cameras on the front and back of the screen for pictures, Skype etc. It also has a MicroSD card slot, a mini HDMI output and a micro USB port for on the go charging. Throw in an 8hr battery life and it’ll keep you online all day. In short, it has everything that one would expect for a top end laptop aimed at people on the go or even for children to do their homework on. A 64GB microSD is also included in the box so there is ample storage space for all of your digital needs – music, important documents, games, movies and TV shows.

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