The Girls, Chocolate and Sunflowers #LittleLoves

This has been one really busy but lovely week. It’s been so full and I am so ready for the weekend – but at the same time I don’t want this week to be over.

Here we go with the things we’ve been loving this week:


Hubby and I went to see The Girls at the theatre in London on Wednesday night and I spent the journey home reading the programme. I love how all theatre people seem to have been in the same TV shows – Holby City and Casualty – and I love how familiar faces end up in front of you on stage – like Neil Grayling from Bad Girls!

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Flawed, Interstellar and The Little Mermaid #LittleLoves

This week started off with sickness over the weekend but then a lovely mini-break to Bath and a couple of pretty ordinary but lovely days where the sun shone, we got stuff done and relaxed. It’s been a nice week!

Here we go with the things we’ve been loving this week:


I love Cecelia Ahern – ever since the PS I Love You days, before the movie made it famous. I added her book Flawed to my Amazon basket last time I did an order, not realising it said ‘young adult’ on the front and thinking that I’d bought some mushy teen fiction when it arrived. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Getting back into Reading, Singing and Chocolates #LittleLoves

This week has been one full of sickness with LP being off school for two days, then Little Man and I being stuck in bed for two days having caught it after her and yet more work on the house – but the end is finally in sight.

Here we go with the things we’ve been loving this week:


I have been on a reading roll this week. Considering I haven’t picked up a book since the start of the year I have actually managed to read two books this week! Behind Closed Doors I managed to read in one day. I haven’t got into a book as much as this in such a long time.

It was quite psychological and quite real – you could imagine the storyline happening and it was frightening! But, it was so well written, so well thought out and had a realistic ending. A really good read.

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Homeland, Cee Lo Green and Five Minutes Peace #LittleLoves

This has been another week full of dust and extension work. It’s gone by in a blur and we have spent a lot of time camped out upstairs, watching TV and having takeaways!

But here we are with the things we’ve been loving this week:


I haven’t read much at all this week. I have a subscription to Heat magazine and that’s about as good as it gets for reading material at the moment.

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Linkies, Trolls and Children’s Clothing #LittleLoves

Another week down and it has been a busy week for us. Every day has seen something on the calendar – whether it’s an evening out, an appointment or a meeting. But, our extension work has also seen progress this week and the next couple of weeks should see everything start to come together – fingers crossed!

So here we go with the things we’ve been loving this week:


I have a huge pile of books sitting on my bedside, waiting for me to pick one up – but I just haven’t had a chance. Instead I have read so many Living Arrows, Ordinary Moments, Siblings and Little Loves posts and am loving that this year is the year of the linky for me. Who needs books…?

I also re-read a post a wrote about Making Your Parents Proud. I wasn’t going to post it, it was more of a mind dump really. But I’m glad I did, I always find blogging quite cathartic.

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