Home Life Project {March 2017}

It’s that time of the month again where I document a day from our weekend. It turned out that this instalment of the Home Life Project fell on a weekend where I was away for pretty much the whole of Friday/Saturday and so I took my photos for the project yesterday when we had a family day out to Leeds Castle.

The weather was very hit and miss. One minute it was pouring down with rain, the next it was brilliant sunshine and rainbows. It’s the weirdest weather I’ve experienced in a while but the children loved it. It’s the first time we’ve been out on a rainy day in quite a while and the children embraced it beautifully.

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Home Life Project {February 2017}

After last month’s Home Life Project, and my not the best indoor photos, I was determined to make this month a better month and loved Clare’s Creative Challenge for the month of reflection.

When I was penciling the Home Life Project weekends into the calendar I knew that this weekend would be a good one – compared to last month with no plans – as we had booked for LP to go a Young Driver session. She was excited in the car on the way and couldn’t wait for a day out with Mummy, just the two of us, doing something new.

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Home Life Project {January}

I have been planning on joining in with Home Life Project since it started last year but due to working every Saturday until I gave up my day job in November I didn’t think I could focus enough on taking photos at the weekend to do the project justice.

So, this month I pencilled the dates of the Home Life Project weekends on my planner and made sure I took part. Each month Clare shares a creative angle for the project but this month I wanted to just take photos of a weekend day in our lives, as I usually would, to make a starting point for me. My photography has come far since I started this blog but it still isn’t great – especially indoors in winter – and so I thought this would should whether my photographs improve through this project – and using Clare’s prompts for future months. This month I’ll also talk about the weekend but in future months, as my photos start to tell the story, this may stop and it will be a purely photo based post.

The Home Life Project weekend fell on a weekend where we had no plans but where Hubby was working lates – meaning he’s at home until midday. Because of the extension work we have going on at the moment we decided on a weekend at home, sorting things out, doing odd jobs and just relaxing after our first week back at school and work after the Christmas break.

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