Our Extension So Far

I wasn’t planning on writing a post about the extension during the work – it was going to be quite a straightforward process, taking ten weeks and being done ready for Christmas. But, we’ve had a bit of a hiccup and work has stopped for three weeks over Christmas. Because of this I thought it would be a good time to update on the progress so far.

The work has gone so smoothly, and quickly, up until this point. The builders dug the foundations, poured concrete and built the external walls of the extension before adding the roof. They had to change the pitch of an existing section of roof and said it was the hardest roof they’ve ever had to do! But, once it was on the extension started to feel so real.

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Our Pre-Extension Home

Well today marks the start of the work to extend our home. All being well it should be mostly finished in time for Christmas – and I cannot wait to see our home at the end of the work. But for now I thought I’d share a before of our home so you can see our current home before the extension starts.

The downstairs of our home is just two rooms, a through lounge and then our kitchen and dining room. The lounge we decorated last year and it’s a really homely room with half dedicated to the children’s toys. More than half actually – toys seem to be taking over!

The lounge has a door to the kitchen and also patio doors to the garden – and a cupboard under the stairs. The cupboard is staying but the existing door into the kitchen will be blocked up, leaving the patio door space as the entrance to the new extension.


The kitchen and dining room space will be almost doubled in width with a vaulted ceiling, skylights and bifold doors out into the garden. Most of the space will be the new kitchen and a more spacious dining area where the table can be in it’s proper place constantly without us having to push it against the wall to walk around. I can’t wait.




The space where our dining table is now will be a new utility room and downstairs toilet and I think this is the part I am most looking forward to. Somewhere I can put all the stuff that our home accumulates and close the door and then a toilet downstairs – I have wanted a toilet downstairs forever!


We are also getting underfloor heating and I’m hoping there’ll be room for a desk somewhere and/or a nice comfy chair and snug area. We shall see. I have been putting together Pinterest boards of extension inspiration, utility room inspiration and potential extension purchases too. I can’t wait to see it all come together!

From the outside, the front of our house will stay pretty much the same, just growing slightly wider towards the back. We’ll also have a new back door, opening towards the front of the house, just inside our back gate.


We’ll be losing our side patio and having a new patio laid in it’s place, taking over the children’s play area – which we’ll move further down the garden. The pitch of the roof will change on our existing extension and we’ll have a shiny new kitchen window too.


I think that’s all I can really show you for now, but I can’t wait until it all comes together and is finished – ready for the big reveal! I’ll keep you posted over on my Facebook page with the progress!

Our Extension – Another Step Forward!

Well last month I wrote about how planning had been approved for our extension and now we are in the position where we have all our ducks in a row to actually start building our extension. If all goes well we should be getting started by the end of September!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 13.01.39

Although we knew that walls would be coming down and a big chunk of our garden would be dug up we’ve realised over the last week that it’s going to be even more work than we realised. Our upstairs will be effected – which we never expected – and so our new bathroom may have to be redone as well as LP’s bedroom. This is so that they can put the new steel joists above the downstairs ceiling height – and it’s not something we’d known the logistics of before. We will also end up kitchen-less for a bit so we will probably need to move out for a while and put things in storage again.


To be honest, I never thought we’d get to this point – planning permission granted, our house high enough value to release equity from it and actually having quotes from builders. So, now, to be thinking of moving out whilst the work’s done is such a shock but one that we’ll roll with and I know that this extension will be completely worth it.

I cannot wait to share the new space with you but for now I’ve been putting together a few Pinterest boards with inspiration. I am dreaming of a big bright and airy space with exposed brick and a mix of modern and slightly industrial pieces. I am so excited! Now we just need to pick a builder and get on with it!

Planning Permission – Granted!

Well, we have had some amazing news – planning permission has been granted for our extension! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. We started planning an extension at the start of the year and had plans drawn up a few months ago but applying for planning permission and waiting for a decision seems to take forever.

Now that we are able to move forward and actually start building our extension – once we’ve sorted out the finances for it – I can share with you a bit more about it, as I’ve only mentioned it briefly in the past.

We live in a semi-detached house that has already been extended in the past but with two growing children the downstairs doesn’t flow as well as it could and we don’t seem to have as much storage space as we’d like so we decided to make our kitchen bigger, add a utility room and downstairs toilet and make a home that we can stay in forever.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 13.01.19

This is a huge project and one that we’ll no doubt be getting help to manage but I have already been putting together Pinterest boards of new kitchens, skylights and roof windows, cloakrooms and cosy snug areas. I am hoping for the new space to be really bright and airy but we’d also like a bit of a rustic, slightly industrial feel – bare bricks may be on the agenda!

I’m looking forward to sharing our plans for the room and, hopefully, some posts during the work too – when it eventually happens! It’s an exciting time in our house at the moment. I can’t wait to share more of it with you.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 13.01.39

Making our House into our Dream Home

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I’ve written before about how, three years ago, we were lucky enough to move into our ‘Forever Home’, somewhere we will live for years to come. I know we will never move and our house is great for our family and it’s a nicer house than I ever thought we’d own. But it’s still not perfect. There’s things I would change if given the opportunity – and if we had the money.


I would love to extend the back of our house – It’s been extended a few times since it was built and I’d love to make the extension the full width of the house to really make use of the space and open up our kitchen and dining room area. This would create a huge new living space that we would great for socialising and spending time together as a family.

Bi-Fold Doors

Any dream house of ours would include bi-fold doors, it’s something Hubby and I have spoken about for years ever since we first saw them on a home improvement TV show. We’d love the whole back wall of the house to be made of bi-folding glass doors that we could open completely, making the house flow nicely into the garden. I love the fact that bi-fold doors can be partly or fully opened to suit the situation and they are a huge feature of any room. For those of you not familiar these kinds of doors take a look at Express Bi-Folding Doors who have some great examples.


Sky Lights

I’d love for our new extension to have big sky lights or even a glass roof, something to let natural light flood in, reduce lighting costs and make the space have a more ambient feel.

New Kitchen

The new space that the extension would create would contain a lovely new kitchen. Having used a fair few kitchens and seem a lot in show rooms there are a few things I’d love in my new kitchen. Currently we have really deep worktops, I can’t touch the wall behind them and the washing machine fits completely inside one of the kitchen cupboards – just an idea of how deep they are. I’d love to have the same depth units in the new kitchen rather than the standard slimmer ones. I’d also love a solid wood worktop and white/cream wooden doors – a country style kitchen. I’d incorporate a big island in the middle of the kitchen that would probably have either the cooker or sink in it. Other than that I would just love masses of storage space!

Utility Room

I would love to use part of our new extension to have a utility room, somewhere to not only shove all the big appliances but also an area for dirty washing, clean washing, the iron and ironing board and somewhere for muddy wellies to live. I think in reality a utility room is my biggest dream of our dream home.

Downstairs Toilet

I have no idea where it would go but I would love to have a downstairs toilet. Going through potty training with only an upstairs toilet has been a challenge and we’ve still got to do it all over again with Little Man! Plus, when we have guests, especially for garden parties and barbeques, they have to walk all the way through the house to use the toilet – a downstairs one would be so much easier.

Somewhere to Store Shoes

This may not seem like a big thing but it is something that grates on me every day. Our obvious place to store shoes would be under the stairs, we haven’t got anywhere else – our hallway is too narrow and we don’t have a porch or anything like that however our understairs cupboard houses everything, it’s our one downstairs storage place and has the airer, ironing board, iron, throws, printer… everything in it. If we had the utility room room it would free up our cupboard to be used for good shoe storage instead!

Loft Conversion

Along with our downstairs extension I would love a loft conversion. It would be a huge space that would have a master bedroom and hopefully bathroom in it. I’d love a big dormer window on the rear of the roof that would have floor to ceiling windows to really let the light in and a big roll top bath in the bathroom – the only way I’d ever be able to have a roll top bath is if it came into the house when the roof was off, there’s no way it would fit otherwise!

I’d also love a driveway but we’d never be able to have one where we live now – off road parking for 2 cars would be amazing! Everything here though is looking at my ‘Dream Home’ though, and I think it will take years to turn our house into our dream home and we may never succeed – there’s always something else to be spending money on! But that’s my dream house list – an extension with bi-fold doors, a lovely new kitchen with an island, sky lights and a loft conversion with roll top bath.

What would be on your dream home list?