Review: Squiggle Dot & Squeeze Craft Box

LP absolutely loves crafting so when Squiggle Dot & Squeeze got in contact to introduce us to their beautiful range of craft boxes I knew that she would love them. Squiggle Dot & Squeeze have a range of six different craft boxes, all with a theme and all of which are personalised for the recipient too.

LP was sent the Time to Travel box to review and it couldn’t have been better timing. With our first holiday abroad coming up in the summer LP doesn’t need much of a push to start getting excited about it so travel based crafts would definitely get her in the holiday spirit.


The Squiggle Dot & Squeeze Time to Travel Box arrived well packaged and included enough materials for four different activities – all of which created things that could be used and enjoyed for a long time to come. The sleeve of the craft box also had the instructions printed on the reverse – a great way of saving paper!


LP let Little Man help with most of the crafts and between them, with a little help from me, they managed to create so many beautiful things! The first craft was making a bucket full of sherbet – mixing ingredients, adding hundreds and thousands, filling the bucket with it and then eating it with a mini spade! A craft that all children would love.



The children then made their very own beach using the box that the crafts arrived in. The box included materials to make sea as well as the beach, fish to add to the sea and shells for the beach as well as umbrellas, a beach ball and the bucket and spade from the earlier activity.


The children loved creating their beach and I know that they’ll be adding to it and playing with it all the way through the spring and summer. It’s a great sensory activity and something the children really enjoyed making.


The children also made origami boats to add to the beach and this is something they could easily make in future using their own triangles of paper. I love that Squiggle Dot & Squeeze has given us inspiration for future craft activities and is teaching the children things that will stay with them for years.



The children got to colour in a glider which has provided hours of entertainment since! Lastly, the children decorated a money box with road maps and plane tickets. The children love money boxes and saving pennies and the children now have their very own holiday savings pot!



Squiggle Dot & Squeeze gave the children so much to do and so many crafts to create. We have used craft boxes in the past and most are a subscription based box whereas Squiggle Dot & Squeeze just create beautiful one off craft boxes for any child and any occasion. These would make a wonderful school holiday treat, a great birthday gift or something nice to do on a random weekend.

The range of Squiggle Dot & Squeeze boxes is also great for most ages of children and gives options for both boys and girls, making them a really lovely and versatile gift.

Squiggle Dot & Squeeze have an RRP of £15.00

Disclosure: We were sent the above box for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

Review: Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Back at Easter we were sent a selection of crafty things from Baker Ross and I spent time getting arty and making things as LP wasn’t quite ready for doing crafts herself. Roll forward a couple of months and we received another lovely Baker Ross delivery. This time LP was quite excited from the start and had a go at making things with a little help from me and the delivery included everything she needed to start making some summer crafts.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

One thing that LP loved in the Baker Ross delivery were a group of rubber things that I originally mistook for pencil toppers but instead they were rubber animals with holes in that you could put on your thumb, stretch and let go to fly across the room like rubber bands! LP and Little Man loved it when I made them whizz around the garden and LP had a good go at making them fly herself but ended up just throwing them! Such a simple idea.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Everything in the Baker Ross summer selection is so bright, bold and symbolic of Summer. These pencils are gorgeous and would be a lovely feel good addition to any pencil case!

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

LP enjoyed sticking tennis stickers onto a sun visor and even wore it for the afternoon afterwards! The visors are well made and would be great painted or Baker Ross have so many stickers that you can use to decorate anything you like – The tennis stickers are foam which add an element of depth to the visor.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

We also made a cute campervan desk tidy with one of the kits we were sent. The foam slotted together easily and all the pieces that needed sticking together had self adhesive backs – No glue needed! Such a simple project and a great way to spend an afternoon.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Seaside gift boxes were also included in our delivery and these couldn’t be simpler to make – Self adhesive shapes stuck easily to the boxes and would make a great gift box for a small present or a trinket box to keep in your home.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

By far LP’s favourite part of of the Baker Ross crafting was the flower kits. They were a bit fiddly for LP to make herself but once I made the flower for her she carried it everywhere with her – To think all you need is a pipe cleaner and some tissue paper, such a simple craft that keeps a nearly three year old amused for days!

Baker Ross have so many craft ideas for all ages and abilities. We will definitely be shopping with them again.

Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.