My Blogging Kit

I thought I’d write about what things I use for blogging – and what things I used when I started out as it might help others looking to make an investment or just see that you can blog regularly and don’t need the top of the range technology.

When I first started blogging seriously I bought myself a Chromebook and it was definitely a great investment. Everything is run through the Chrome browser and you can download apps for it too but it’s basically an internet based laptop. You can’t install software on it but you can use things like Google Sheets, Google Docs and Picmonkey.

My Chromebook let me access all my files anywhere in the world and was so lightweight and portable, weighing next to nothing. The only downside was storage space – I had to invest in an external hard drive to store photos on.

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Simple Ways to Make Your Blog More Appealing to Readers and Brands

Over the last year or so I’ve been offering bloggers free blog critique. It’s something I do purely to give back to the blogging community and since I started offering this service I have critiqued well over two hundred blogs. It’s something I enjoy and something that has always been really well received and appreciated.

From doing the critiques I have realised that there are many simple ways that you can make your blog more appealing to either readers or brands – or both, depending on what your aim for your blog is. But most people would like their blogs to be easy to read but also enjoyable to read. They’d like them to look nice and for people to want to read them – and for brands to want to work with them.

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What are Blogger Networks?

I recently wrote about how I’ve made blogging my full time job and since then I’ve been asked a lot to expand on the blogging networks that I mentioned. Blogging Networks are great for any blogger – whether you are monetising or not. They are a great place to meet like minded bloggers, find blogs to read, find other bloggers to collaborate with and also network with brands and find available work.

As I’ve been planning this post I’ve realised that a lot of blogging networks verge on being PR companies – and a lot of PR companies are so great at blogger outreach that they are almost networks themselves. The lines can get pretty blurred but, anyway, here are a few of the blogging networks that I’ve had experience with over the last few years.

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Things that have Changed my Blogging Life

When I started blogging I had no idea that the whole blogging world existed – that there were other bloggers doing the exact same thing and I had no idea that the whole blogging community was right there to be part of and embrace.

Because it was all so new it meant it was a giant learning curve and I had to teach myself things, Google constantly and ask for advice before finding my preferred way of completing any task. But, to make life easier for anyone else starting their blogging journey I thought I’d write about a few things that have changed my blogging life since I found out about them.

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Making Blogging a Full Time Job

I have been blogging for four and a half years although I only started taking it seriously, and thinking about it as a potential career, when I went self hosted in August 2013. Since then I have been building on this blog’s foundations and trying to make it have as much longevity as possible to one day be my sole income.


Last year I left a job I had been in for nearly 14 years with the hope of moving across to being solely self employed, to relying on this blog as my only income and it had literally taken the last three years to get to that point. I know there are people who make a regular income a lot quicker than that but, before I left my day job, I wanted to make sure I was consistently earning at the same level. I didn’t want to be worried about money or regretting my decision a couple of months down the line.

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