Happy Birthday What the Redhead said – Two Today!

Oh wow. What a couple of years it has been. I was blogging for about eighteen months before What the Redhead said was launched and I silently hoped What the Redhead said would be my blogging future.


I hoped What the Redhead said would be able to grow with me, that it could cover any kind of content and that it could still follow our lives as the children got older – staying close to it’s family routes but expanding into more than just another parent blog.

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Today I am 32

Do you ever look at life and wonder how you got here? Today I am 32 and it’s not an age I’m bothered about really, or even an age I really feel. I look at myself and my age as two completely unrelated things.

I think in my head I will be 24 forever.

24 was the year I got married. It was the year that Hubby and I started to really plan our future together, the year when our first house went on the market, hoping to move to a forever home and have children one day.

Since then life has just got better and better. By the time I turned 30 there was nothing else I wanted. I was happy, content and really enjoying the life that we had built with two gorgeous children and a beautiful home.

So a couple of years on and nothing has really changed – we have just kept enjoying life and each month has rolled easily into the next. I don’t feel 32 but when I look at my life on paper I feel like I have achieved quite a lot for those years, I have a lot to show for them and I am so proud of, not just myself, but us. Hubby and I, for the life we have built together.

And so, turning 32 is pretty much just another day. It’s a day where I don’t really need material things – I have more than I could ever have hoped for. Instead, I’ll be spending today doing the usual things – the school run, cooking dinner, putting the children to bed. Hubby and I will grab brunch together before he goes to work and once the kids are asleep tonight I might have a celebratory gin and tonic – toasting another year older and the start of a brand new year to enjoy with my favourite people.

Some people hate getting older but I appreciate the year that has been and the new year that is starting. 32 will bring us a shiny new extension – complete with a shiny new kitchen. It will bring changes to our work life balance and it will see me having full days to fill when Little Man starts school next September. I can already tell that 32 will be a pretty good year, just as 31 and 30 before it have also been great years.

So there we have it. Happy Birthday to me. Another year older, another year wiser and another year of wonderful memories to treasure. Thanks 31, you were a pretty good year to me and I am really looking forward to seeing what 32 will bring.


LP’s Fifth Birthday Celebrations – Drayton Manor

Two weeks ago LP turned five. I have no idea where those years have gone because, even now, it feels like she was born yesterday. She woke up the morning of her Birthday at 3am crying because she didn’t want to be five, that she wanted to be four forever – and I could understand that, four had been an incredible year for her.

But, then it was her Birthday and we had organised a soft play party in the morning for her followed by a barbecue at home. The soft play was our first experience of a proper party and we invited as many children as we could. In the end there was about twenty children in LP’s favourite soft play centre.


She had a great time – playing with her friends, followed by a junk food lunch, singing Happy Birthday and then saying goodbye to everyone, handing them sweetie cones and cake as they went.

Back at our house we had more family come over and Hubby put on the barbecue, although the weather wasn’t the best it held out until the food was cooked. The children played on the swings, in the playhouse and ran riot – everyone had a great time and it was just so easy.


I did a buffet to go with the barbecue, we had a huge Costco cake and it was just such a nice day. Sometimes the simple Birthdays are the nicest and although LP loved her soft play party, and I’m glad we did it, you just can’t beat the relaxed, happy feeling of a party at home.




The following day we took the children to Drayton Manor, as they had been begging to go to Thomas Land since the last time we went.



Drayton Manor is, without a doubt, one of our favourite places to take the children with so many rides for them to go on, things to look at and activities. It’s just such a great day out.




We didn’t get to go on a huge amount of rides this time – as it was a bank holiday – and not a October weekend like last time, but we had a really lovely day and skipped the zoo and random dinosaur bit in favour of the rides.




We didn’t even really leave Thomas Land this time apart from to go on the lovely boat which takes you around the lake, such a wonderful end to the day.



All in all LP had a perfect fifth Birthday and is now very happy to be five. I can’t believe Birthdays are done for another year. Happy Birthday LP – it was lovely celebrating with you. Here’s a little video of our day:

Today, LP is Five

Dear Little Pickle,

Well, here we are again. Another year and another letter to write. I know I say it every year but it feels like yesterday you were turning four, having a party in the back garden and getting so excited about having your face painted.


A year ago you hadn’t yet started school and now you will be starting Year 1 in a matter of days. You have grabbed school with both hands and have done your absolute best at everything that has been put in front of you – from being a sheep in the nativity, to sports day and even making friends. You have aced it – and you have loved every minute. Your school report couldn’t have been better. I had worried about you being a summer baby, being the youngest in your year and I worried that you may struggle to keep up but you are right on track in every aspect of your education and I am so proud of you for that.


A year ago you couldn’t hold a pen and now you can write your name, your brother’s name and so many other words. You guess words you don’t yet know by sounding them out and you do the same with reading, breaking down words, sounding them out and giving each one your best shot. I am constantly amazed by you – for someone so little you just know so much.


This year has been a pretty big one. Not just for you but for all of us. We went to Scotland, to the Isle of Wight and on our first holiday abroad, to Lemnos, Greece. You loved your first time on a plane and were just so good throughout, trying everything and being just so happy – even with the long days and constant activities. You loved the kids club and came on so far with your swimming whilst we were there too – I’m sure next year you’ll be leaving the floats behind.


Smaller things happened this year too – you had your nails painted for the first time, which you loved and you also chipped one of your front teeth, another of those things that makes you look different but still the same. You now have so many marks from your five years – a scar on your lip, a chipped tooth and so many freckles that all seem to have appeared this summer.


You are still a petite little thing. You are about 105cm tall, a couple of cm taller than your brother, and you and him weigh exactly the same – 32lb. You have size 9 feet and you are still pretty much in age 3-4 clothes although you wear 4-5 they are always big on you and we have only just put away the last of your 2-3 clothes. Although you’re petite, it suits you perfectly and you have a personality of a much bigger person – full of laughter and so confident. Your confidence makes me wish I were more like you – you talk to anyone, make friends easily and have no fear. Never change LP.


Five seems like such a big age. Half a decade. In another five years we’ll be onto double figures and yet we seem to have got to this point just so quickly. The days are long but the years are indeed so short. But, over each of those short years, every month that has passed, it has been a pleasure to watch you grow, see your smile and watch your brain working as you learn new things. You’re a sponge, soaking up information, hearing things, seeing things and processing it all. You are at a great age and I think five is going to be one of the best years yet.


LP, you are so polite, so well mannered and so friendly. You are creative, sociable and you love My Little Pony more than anything else. You look like me when I was younger but you are very much your own person, not much like me at all. I love getting to know you as you grow into yourself and I love that your face, surrounded by messy hair, is often the first thing I see in the morning. I hope you won’t grow out of morning cuddles in bed just yet.

Happy Birthday LP. Four has been a great year and I am sure that five will be even better – these years do just keep getting better.

Love always

Mummy and Daddy x


Little Man’s 3rd Birthday Party

This week Little Man turned three and so last weekend we had a Birthday party for him in the garden. We have always been really lucky with the weather and it couldn’t have been more perfect on Sunday. The sun was shining, we hired a bouncy castle and we were looking forward to a relaxed day full of food, friends and good times.



The garden was full of the children’s toys, the play house, a slide and the huge bouncy castle as well as the sand and water tables. Young children are so easily pleased and the lounge was open for the children to play inside too – it’s just so easy having a party at home.




I did a buffet of food, salad, fruit salad, nibbly bits and then hubby did the barbecue. It wasn’t anything fancy – chicken, sausages and burgers, but it was all we needed. The children and adults loved the food and we always cook too much, leaving leftovers for the next few days.


Little Man had requested a rainbow cake – not, as I originally thought, a cake with different colour layers but just a cake with a rainbow on it. So we bought him one of our favourite Costco Birthday cakes and he was adamant that he should have the piece with his name on – who were we to argue?!




My wonderful friend Sarah made cupcakes for the party too – personalised ones with Thomas on them. Little Man couldn’t have been happier! He absolutely loved them – and had been talking about Thomas cupcakes for months.



Little Man loved his cake, he loved the bouncy castle and he loved seeing all his friends and family too. It really was a perfect day and at the end of it we tidied up and then relaxed, opened a few presents and played Thomas toys until bedtime. Little Man couldn’t have had a better Birthday.