Escaping Baby’s Bedroom

I’m sure most people can relate to the nights where you’re standing next to your child’s cot. You have spent time getting your child to sleep and they are finally in the cot, asleep. This is a momentous occasion and something that makes you want to punch the air and shout ‘Woohoo!’ but you have a sleeping baby, so instead of cheering you leave the room, as silently as possible. But a floorboard creaks… You step off quickly and it creaks again… You put your foot down somewhere else and it creaks yet another time and before you know it your baby is standing in the cot, jumping up and down and chatting away like they were never asleep, let alone very, incredibly asleep just moments ago.

Hubby and I have perfected many a maneuver to escape our children’s bedrooms without making a sound but each of these maneuvers has been known to fail… Many times.

The Tightrope Walker – Put one foot in front of the other, arms slightly away from your sides and walk ever so slowly in a straight line to the door. Try not to breathe or make any sudden movements.

The Commando – Laying on the floor and crawling in super stealth mode straight to the door, elbows dragging us along until we reach the destination. Do not look back, do not breathe, focus on the target.

The Gymnast – Balancing, cartwheeling and stretching to get to the door. Moving silently any way possible to miss the creaky floorboards. All that is missing is a lycra leotard.

The Ballet Dancer – Tiptoeing and Arabesques, full of poise and grace. Dainty, weightless steps that glide across the room to the door – Soft as a feather! No tutu required.


The Superhero – Moving at the speed of light from one side of the room to the other, moving through walls or even teleporting to outside of the room. Pants on outside of trousers are a necessity.

The reality is that more often than not, all of the above fails. Little Man wakes up constantly as we leave the room and we end up swearing in frustration at the bloomin’ floorboards whilst trying to settle him again.

What magic moves do you use to escape from your child’s bedroom?!


Walking Boy!


It’s been on the cards for a while but last week Little Man took his first unaided steps and has now been toddling around by himself ever since. Little Man absolutely loves to be on his feet and has surprisingly good balance for a baby that has just learnt to walk – He’s been walking holding onto our hands for a few months but didn’t have the confidence to let go – until now.


I know a lot of parents dread this new stage of life, that you have to have eyes in the back of your head once they start walking but I’m really looking forward to it! In some ways things get so much easier once a baby can walk and it’s a whole new set of experiences for Little Man and a new angle from which to view the world.


Watching Little Man walk by himself is yet another sign that my baby boy is growing up – There really aren’t many things about him that are still ‘baby’ and he is very nearly a toddler – We have some exciting times ahead!


Weaning – The Ordinary Moments

Weaning has been a part of our lives for what feels like forever. Little Man is now a year old and I am very aware that his weaning journey is nearly over – He is getting less messy by the day, hardly anything ends up on the floor and he’ll be eating with cutlery before I know it.

There are times though, when Little Man is as messy eating as he was when he started weaning 6 months ago. We tend to share all our meals with the children, even puddings and Little Man always has his share and loves the treat as much as the rest of us.


Hubby and I have found amusement over the last couple of months in the way that Little Man puts food into his mouth. He’ll scoop as much into his fist as possible and then move his fist to his mouth…


He’ll then opens his hand to push the food into his mouth using his palm but spreads his fingers at the same time!


He does this repeatedly through meal times and it makes us laugh constantly like he’s going ‘Ta-Da!’ with every mouthful. He really does love his food and has a great appetite – I haven’t worried about the amount he’s been eating, drinking or whether he’s eating the right things at all. Weaning this time has been a complete joy and so much easier than weaning for the first time.

Yes, weaning has been messy but we’re nearly over that and at times, like this, you just have to embrace the mess 🙂 Weaning has turned to eating which in turn will turn into pretty normal ordinary moments for us.

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10 Ways to ‘Childproof’ Your Home Thanks to Lindam

Making your home safe for babies and toddlers is one of the first things that parents look into when their baby starts to move – The first roll, the first sign of crawling – A mobile baby makes your home seem full of risks and Lindam have got 25 years of experience developing products to ensure safe homes for exploring babies and toddlers. Here are my top 10 ways to childproof your home.

Safety Gates

gateSafety Gates are an almost compulsory part of parenting. Even if your home doesn’t have stairs you may want to stop your newly mobile baby wandering into the kitchen or the bathroom or even just confine them to one safe room. Lindam have a huge range of safety gates including pressure fit and wall fix versions as well as portable solutions and all Safety Gates have a new LifeTime guarantee. All Lindam Pressure Fit Safety Gates can also be extended with a range of extensions to accommodate different size openings and meet the needs of any home.

Socket Covers

socket coversAfter installing Safety Gates the next things that we invested in were standard push in and pull out Socket Covers. Lindam have now produced Xtra Guard Dual Guard Socket Covers which have a unique ‘anti grip’ feature which makes it difficult for the cover to be removed by children, so little hands are kept well and truly out of harm’s way. When the power sockets are needed for use, parents can twist and remove the covers with a coin.

cornersCorner Cushions

Lindam’s Xtra Guard Energy Absorbing Corner Cushions help to protect against scrapes and bumps from the corners of tables. They protect the full corner area and provide triple protection from the common danger zones of side, top and head on collisions with furniture. These are great if you have a coffee table or any other furniture that could prove a danger when your child starts pulling themselves up, cruising and toddling.

door stopperDoor Stopper

I had visions of LP climbing out of her bed at night and falling asleep behind here door with us unable to open it so I invested in a Lindam Xtra Guard Energy Absorbing Door Stopper. This goes above and beyond your average door stopper as it not only provides a barrier to closed doors and trapped fingers, but absorbs a great deal of impact to prevent door bounce-backs and extra injuries. We also use one in our lounge where the door is prone to slam when our windows are open – This stops LP and LM getting their fingers trapped and is one of the best things we’ve purchased.

multidrawerCupboard Latches

After fitting Safety Gates the next thing we looked into were cupboard latches and there are so many different styles available! The Xtra Guard Dual Locking Angle Latch provides protection to the end of cabinet doors and drawers as well as most appliances. A unique, versatile lock allows for double operation unlocking for tamper proof protection when children are around but a lock free latch when they are safely out of the house or in bed. Strong adhesive pads make the latch easy to fit. Alternatively the Lindam Xtra Guard Dual Locking Multi-Purpose Latch has a one handed lock that clicks into place for total peace of mind and flexible straps allow the latch to be fitted around corners.

angleDrawer Latches

I am forever worried about Little Man jamming his fingers in drawers. Not just in the kitchen but in our bedrooms too! Lindam’s Dual Locking Drawer Latch provides double lock, single lock or lock off  features to keep drawers closed from exploring hands with  true one handed opening!

applianceAppliance Latches

Lindam’s Dual Locking Appliance Latch  is a unique and versatile lock with three positions to offer ultimate safety through double or single operation locking and full access for when children aren’t around!

bed railBed Rails

Even when babies are no longer babies and at the stage where they move into a bed, Lindam are around to help keep them safe! Lindam’s Bed Rail is designed to cushion the child as they sleep with a lightweight extendable metal frame which is padded and covered with fabric. The secure locking mechanism and convenient hinged folding design makes lifting the child and changing the bedding easy. A review will be following shortly – Watch this space!


Keep your child away from every possible danger when they’re in a Playpen – and leave them whilst you go to the toilet or answer the door with the knowledge that they’re safe and secure. The Lindam Safe and Secure Playpen easily converts from playpen into a room divider or standard safety gate for adaptable and flexible protection around the house. Read our review here.

MonitorBaby Monitors

Whether you love to have a video baby monitor or are happy with purely audio Lindam have a baby monitor to suit you and your baby. Listen to your baby sleeping and hear everything you need to when they’re asleep – Keeping them safe around the clock.


Whatever your home is like there is something from Lindam to help make it the safest place for your child to explore, play and sleep.

11 Months Old!

Little Man is now a month away from his very first Birthday. A whole 11 months of having him in our lives and it really feels like he’s been here forever.


This month Little Man has spent a lot of time teething, sticking his tongue out and chewing everything and anything. He’s also learnt to make a lot more noises, chatting to himself constantly and talking to us and LP as if we should know what he’s talking about. He loves to make noises at the cats and at Nanny’s dog – He seems to love animals and gets excited when he sees them, kicking his legs in glee.


Little Man has also chosen this month to start sleeping through. It’s about time! Nearly 11 months of 3-4 hour wake ups has taken it’s toll on me and I am exhausted, but I know that Little Man will feed at night as long as he needs to and it’s good to know that he now doesn’t need to feed during the night and will sleep instead. This means that LM now only has his bedtime feed and his first thing in the morning feed – Usually at about 6am where he’ll then go back to sleep for a couple of hours before getting up and having breakfast instead of more milk.


Our Little Man is really growing into his personality, his cheeky face, gorgeous smile and chatter light up the room – It’s very quiet when he’s asleep! His bond with LP is becoming more defined and LP will happily hug Little Man and kiss him when she feels like it, often stopping what she’s doing to go and give him a cuddle. I love to see them together.


I haven’t had Little Man weighed in quite a while now but he’s as gorgeously chunky as he should be and starting to outgrow some of his 9-12 month clothes. He still has 4 teeth although more will be through soon if the teething is anything to go by.


Weaning is going incredibly well and Little Man now tries most things and eats more than he throws on the floor. His favourite food has to be pasta and anything meaty – He has a clear love of meatballs and sausages and loves baked beans too! He will eat fruit all day and can get even the smallest things into his mouth with ease now – Raisins are devoured in seconds.


 It seems only yesterday that LM was laying happily on a playmat, content to just lay and look at the lights. He’s now starting to cruise around the furniture, pulling himself up on everything and climbing when given the opportunity. He’s started to push his wooden walker along and will hold our hands and bounce or occasionally take a step or two.

This time next month we’ll be having a gathering for Little Man’s Birthday. It’s all happening so quickly and I’m loving watching him grow and watching his personality develop. He is a joy to be around and I can’t remember a time without him here.

Happy 11 months Little Man!