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I have written in the past about the labour of love that our garden has proven to be and my constant attempts to grow things – I grew potatoes for the first time last year, grow strawberries, blackberries and rhubarb every year and am hoping to grow something new this year too!


It’s with the help of companies like Suttons Seeds that I find the inspiration to get out into the garden and make things grow. With such a wide variety of seeds or even seedling plants it’s easy for anyone to have a go at gardening. They also sell a whole host of equipment and tools to make gardening that little bit easier. I’ve always seen decent gardening tools as a great investment and things that should last for many years.


Suttons Seeds are a brand I have been buying from for years and growing up I remember my parents using their seeds too. Suttons Seeds have so many years of experience that they even share a lot of their knowledge on their website through gardening advice, guides and videos – not only a shop but a great resource too!


I have teamed up with Suttons Seeds to give away Β£30 to be spent on their website on anything you like – it’s a great time to prepare your garden ready for the planting season or even to just have a tidy up. You could even buy some plants or flowers ready for spring. Whatever it is you fancy doing to the garden this year, complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I have not been compensated in any way for this post and as usual all opinions are my own.

160 thoughts on “Suttons Seeds Giveaway!

  1. I’d buy some seeds, seedlings, and hopefully a few basic garden tools. We recently moved and finally have a garden. I’d love to grow a few vegetables and maybe some strawberries.

  2. so many things i could buy my 2nd year growing in the garden & just taken an allotment on eeeek! Just ordered some seeds & sets from suttons so would love to use this voucher for some fertilizer i think πŸ™‚
    Blog is looking great πŸ™‚ xx

  3. I would love some bedding plants for a bare patch just outside my patio window – which really needs brightening up x

  4. I want to try growing a herb garden this year but first I will have to make my lawn good. The squirrels have been digging holes all over and it looks a mess (why do they do that)

  5. some easy spring vegetable seeds- my children have their own garden and grow things most of the year- if they are not growing things outside , they are growing things inside. I think some nice salad leaves would be great

  6. I would buy Brussell Sprout seeds so they are ready for Christmas dinner, Pumpkin Seeds for my Halloween pumpkins. I also grow tomatoes, chillis and peppers along with flowers for all my baskets and window boxes πŸ™‚ x

  7. i love doing my own hanging baskets and boxes every year so i would get some flower seeds plus some fresh herbs tomato and chilli seeds

  8. Well hubby broke the handle on my daughter fork & spade trying to dig up a deep rooted shrub,So would treat her to garden tool/s.

  9. last year i made some raised veg beds using large guttering along the fence so gonna grab seeds which wont need huge roots

  10. My husband’s the Head Gardener so I’d let him choose – he’d probably pick tomatoes, chillies, runner beans and carrots

  11. After the garden being landscaped I have a naked palette to design, so this would be great to start it all off with x

  12. Ooh! I would make a wildlife area with insect-friendly flowers and grasses, a veggie patch to try some ‘good life’ style living and enough flowers to keep the garden AND my vases looking good this year!

  13. Some Shirley tomatoes, kale ,runner beans, broad beans, leeks and carrot seeds for my raised beds plus a variety of herbs to start a herb garden.

  14. I went a bit veg crazy at the expense of the flowers and I’d like to get some complementary flowers going in the veg patch to help with bug control

  15. I would buy Sweet peas as it’s about time to start them and lots of varieties of tomatoes to get started indoors now

  16. I would buy some flower seeds – I’ve done a lot of veg in the last few years and now I’d like to harvest some cut flowers for my home.

  17. I’d buy lots of veggie and herb seeds for my new allotment and a couple of packets of sweet peas as I adore them

  18. I think I would love some flower seeds for the bees and butterflies – there was hardly any flowers when we moved in 4 years ago, some comfrey for feeding and maybe a nice plum tree!

  19. I’d invest in more variety of flowering plants as part of my attracting bumblebees masterplan! I have bumblebees nesting in a birdbox the last couple of years and I want to keep them happy!

  20. As a family we love to grow our own vegetables so I would stock up on vegetable seeds and try some of the different coloured varieties to interest the kids such as purple / yellow carrots, purple French beans, etc.

  21. This would be great for my allotment. I’d buy the following seeds: Beetroot Rainbow Mix; Purple Sprouting Broccoli Continuity Mix; Cauliflower Successional Harvest Mix; Pak Choi Crunchy Colour Mix; Dwarf French Bean Seeds Speedy; Pepper Seeds F1 Mohawk; Squash Seeds F1 Hunter; Tomato Seeds F1 Red Star; Herb Seed Parsley Envy; Garlic Bulbs Solent White. After that, some flowers for the garden.

  22. I’d get vegetables and herb seeds. The kids love helping me out with the gardening and growing and planting.

  23. I’d treat myself to a few new varieties – I’m into squashes / pumpkins so probably some ornamental squashes for starters!

  24. We are just finishing a roof garden off our bedroom and I would love to grow small vegetable and salad crops in between scented flowers, small plants and seeds for this would be great, thanks.

  25. I would buy all the seeds I cannot afford at the minuet πŸ™‚ Corn, Swede, Parsnips and maybe some potatoes if I had enough, it’d be better than tescos brought ones.

  26. I’d let my mum choose some seeds and bits for her garden as she has been redoing it this winter and trying to make it look nice

  27. I would let my sister and brother in law choose as they have got an allotment and I usually end up helping eat the produce anyway!

  28. Lots and lots of lovely veg seeds for the veg plot I built – had to learn to bricklay so it means a lot to me

  29. I’ve only just got a garden after living in a flat for ten years. So, I’d use this voucher to buy lots of lovely veggies to grow this year

  30. I would get the best blight resistant potatoes and some good onion sets have been having mine from the Β£ shops and not been brilliant so with some good ones i should have the best on the plot

  31. I’d take my 5 year old with me and let him choose – he had so much fun watching his plants grow last year and is very keen to get gardening again this spring!

  32. I’m getting married in July and as part of our favours I want to give bottles of wild flower seeds to give something back to the environment and help the bees and butterflies

  33. I would definitely buy an apple tree. Our garden used to be part of an orchard but it was all chopped down many years ago.

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