Review: Zootropolis Toys

Zootropolis is the movie of the moment and although I have only seen the trailer so far it is clear that Zootropolis will be one of the top films of 2016. Tomy have released a great range of Zootropolis toys to accompany the movie and we were sent a few to review.


Judy’s Carrot Recorder and Badge is such a fun toy for any child. The carrot has an on/off switch and then two buttons – one to record and one to play. Both Little Man and LP had fun holding the record button and shouting or singing into the carrot before pressing play to hear it all over again.


The Carrot Recorder has never ending appeal and the addition of a police badge just adds to the fun. The badge easily clips onto a top or pocket and can be flashed at anyone to show your authority! This is a great set for any child.


The Talking Officer Judy Hopps Soft Toy is the perfect childhood companion. She’s the perfect size for cuddles but says a whole range of familiar phrases from the movie when you press her chest. Judy Hopps looks just like her movie character – complete with police uniform and both LP and Little Man commented on how lovely and soft she is.



Judy’s Meter Maid Pursuit Vehicle is great for acting out scenes from the Zootropolis movie. In the play set you get the Pursuit Vehicle, Duke Weaselton, Judy Hopps, two road cones and a case of stolen goods!


In the play set Judy Hopps is fully posable so you can make her drive the vehicle but Duke Weaselton is a static figure who is just able to stand up – or lay on the floor. The stolen goods and road cones fit nicely in the back of the vehicle and as a whole the set works really well.


These are just three of a great range of Zootropolis toys and I am sure the children will be asking for more to add to their collection! Any of the Zootropolis toys would be a great gift for any fan of the movie.


Disclosure: We were sent the above toys for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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