Review: Truprint Photo Gifts Review & Offer

A couple of months ago I reviewed Truprint’s everyday photo services. The Truprint quality was everything I could ask for and following on from that I have ordered some of the things that people like to order at Christmas as gifts – personalised photo products!


Using Truprint’s incredibly easy to use online software I created a photo canvas, photo collage mug, mousemat, keyring and even photo stamps! The range of photo products with Truprint is vast and each item has a lot of options so you can really tailor things to how you want them.

The photo canvas is incredibly well made and the print quality is fantastic. When ordering we were able to choose the size of canvas as well as whether the photo was wrapped around the edge or, like we chose, to have black edging. This suited our photo better but the software gives you an illustration of what your finished canvas will look like. You can also choose whether to have the canvas landscape or horizontal and can even choose to have your canvas frames! Collage canvases are a further option.


Keyrings are a favourite present of mine – I used to receive them as gifts every year with photos of my Little Brothers and Sisters on. Now they’re a favourite of mine to give as they’re cheap but incredibly thoughtful! The acrylic keyring is double sided and the only improvement here would be if Truprint could give the option of a different photo on each side. I’m glad though that the photo chosen appears on both sides rather than one side staying white as I have seen with other photo product retailers.


The collage mug is fantastic! Absolutely love it. You have so many options online – you can add a huge number of photos or just a couple, you can just have one photo, can have writing on it and can even have the inside of the mug coloured if you want to. Everything about the mug can be personalised and having ordered mugs from other companies in the past I have not come across a website that offers so much tailoring in a simple mug, it was great to play with the software and create the perfect mug.

20131207-132205.jpg 20131207-132211.jpg20131207-132219.jpg

I created a mouse mat as something a lot of people use, something that gets looked at all the time and something that would make the owner smile if it had a family photo on. Again it was fully customisable with a photo collage or just one single photo and options to add text if you wanted to. The quality was again the great quality I’ve come to appreciate with Truprint.


Lastly we made a set of personalised postage stamps. These are beautiful! You can choose any photo and it’s printed on an adhesive rectangle next to the standard stamp and you can even pick the picture that appears on the postage stamps! The stamps are a great idea and a splurge at £1 per stamp, available in sets of 10 or 20, but in reality it isn’t a huge amount more than a standard 1st class stamp and such a lovely touch to send to your most treasured loved ones at Christmas.


Overall I have been really impressed with the Truprint gift range and their service is fantastic – the postage speed was great, I really could not fault them! If you’d like to take a look at the Truprint Christmas catalogue, and have a sneak peak at a lovely little discount code then you can do so here 🙂 – Truprint have Christmas delivery available up until 17th December.

Disclosure: We were given Truprint credit for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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