Review: Tonka Climb-Overs Range

Little Man loves any kind of vehicles so when the Tonka Climb-Overs range arrived for review he couldn’t wait to open it. Tonka have been around for over 70 years and after reviewing the Tonka Steel range last month we couldn’t wait to try out a different range of Tonka toys.


The Boulder Escape set comprises lots of plastic track, a boulder and a special Tonka Climb-Overs truck. The track is quite hard to put together. I had to push each joint hard against the wooden floor to get them to connect and once connected there’s no way we would be taking them apart again so I’m unsure why the set isn’t constructed from larger pieces which would make setting up the playset so much easier.


But once constructed the track forms a loop that Little Man loved watching the truck move around. You press a button on the truck and it keeps going until you press the button again. This set doesn’t show the climbing ability of the truck very well but using it around the house the truck happily climbs over obstacles in it’s way. On the track it does at times get stuck, or try to mount the edges but it’s part of the fun of a climbing truck and Little Man loves it.


The track can be bent, in theory, to make the climbing aspect work on the track however, it ends up at funny angles which make the truck fall off sideways or not be able to climb so we have just been using the truck on the track in a flat position.


The boulder is meant to chase the truck around the track however, when it rolls down the mountain it often bounces off the edge of the track or ends up in front of the truck, which then pushes it round the track. When it then gets to the mountain both the boulder and truck get stuck or come off the track.


We were also sent two Climb-Overs starter sets – the Starter Pack and Croc Creek. Both of these sets were tricky to put together, with both Hubby and I struggling to get the sets to stay together and individually they don’t feel like a very substantial toy with limited play value. They would be great, however, as additions to other, large Climb-Overs sets.



Each of the cars – in the three sets – should come complete with batteries but for some reason one of ours didn’t have batteries in it. I love that each set gives a different style vehicle and Little Man really likes his growing Tonka Clime-Overs truck collection.




Whilst in theory Tonka Climb-Overs are a really good idea for a toy and one that Little Man loves despite their limitations, I have found it all quite disappointing. The track couldn’t be put together by a child and Little Man would be happy with just the trucks as he didn’t really understand what to do with the boulder either, got frustrated each time the truck flipped over or got stuck and only really enjoyed the starter sets as part of a larger collection.

The Tonka Climb-Overs will soon be available from Argos.

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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