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Just before Christmas we were sent a really exciting delivery – a whole box of Teletubbies toys that hadn’t yet launches in the UK! We were sworn to secrecy over the contents of the box but since Christmas the children have enjoyed playing with the toys – and are already huge fans of the cute Teletubbies characters.

Teletubbies Box

The first thing they played with in the box was the Superdome Playset. The Superdome is the main location in the Teletubbies show and it’s where the Teletubbies play, eat and sleep. LP was slightly concerned that there weren’t any beds in the playset but she was soon won over by the chairs that move around, the Noo Noo hoover character and moving lift.



The playset requires 3 AAA batteries, not included, and these make the Superdome Playset make noises and the lift has lights that flash on it. LP and Little Man loved these features – noisy buttons are always a bonus as far as they are concerned!




The Superdome Playset also includes a Po figure which is in a permanent sitting position which is handy for the chairs in the playset. Other figures can be bought separately and we were lucky enough to be sent a Tinky Winky figure too although that one is in a permanent standing position so couldn’t use the chairs.




Like any character playset, the Superdome works better when there are more characters to play with and so this would be a great start to a Teletubbies collection – the addition of Tinky Winky also let LP and Little Man play together more easily.



We were also sent three cuddly Teletubbies toys – two have buttons in their tummies that you press to hear a range of cute phrases from the show. LP and Little Man have taken ownership of one of these each and take them to bed with them each night – they have become firm favourites.


The last cuddly Teletubbies toy is smaller than the others and purely a cuddly toy. LP loves that he is smaller than the others and keeps referring to him as the baby one! This would be a great soft toy for a young child or just to add to an increasing Teletubbies toy collection.


LP and Little Man love the whole range of Teletubbies toys and I know they’ll be playing with them for a long time to come.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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