Review: Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit

As a mum to, what was, two under two, I know full well how often children hurt themselves. The kids bump into things all the time, get cuts and bruises just from playing outside and when a baby first starts to walk they are forever falling over. With this in mind I was keen to have a first aid kit in the house but had never got around to buying one – although we always have a huge supply of plasters in the cupboard!

Review: Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit

I was sent the Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit to review and as soon as it was arrived I felt reassured that we now had a dedicated first aid kit in the house. The kit is lovely and compact, all in a handy carry bag and really well made. The kit contains a bandage, two eyewash/wound wash pods, a pair of gloves, a wound dressing, a roll of tape, 9 kids plasters, a triangular bandage and two alcohol free wipes. Everything comes in sterile packets and has clear use by dates.

Review: Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit

The Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit contains everything you would need to deal with the general bumps and grazes that can happen indoors or out and about. It’s compact enough to keep in the car, in a change bag or in the bathroom cupboard and is a great product to own. My only slight issue is that first aid kits are pretty generic – there isn’t a real need for a special ‘Kids’ first aid kit and the only thing that really makes this a children’s first aid kit if that the plasters have colourful pictures on them. Aside from that I think this kit is a fantastic first aid kit – not just because it’s a kids one.

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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