Review: SnoozeShade Original Deluxe

The SnoozeShade is not something I’ve ever tried before but it is one of those things that you have always needed without realising. We have been lucky enough to be sent a SnoozeShade Original Deluxe to review and looking back there are so many times I could have used it!

SnoozeShade Original DeluxeThe SnoozeShade is a sun shade and portable black out blind in one. It can be used to help your child nap while out and about in the pushchair, to extend the existing shade of your pushchair’s hood to stop the sun getting in from different angles or to cover your child’s legs in the pushchair to protect from the sun.

The great thing about SnoozeShade is that it protects from 97.5% of the sun’s UV rays and can be used on any pram/pushchair that has a sun hood. We tried the SnoozeShade out on our Graco Sky – as it’s a new to the market pushchair I thought it would be good to see whether the SnoozeShade really is ‘one shade fits all’. I was pleased to find that the shade clipped in place in a matter of seconds and fit perfectly. There’s a lot of elasticity in the shade material so that the shade and the fastenings can be stretched into place for a snug fit without damaging the pushchair or shade. My only slight criticism here is that when looking for instructions to fit the shade you are directed to a YouTube video. This may cause problems if you’re abroad or without internet access however I found the shade to fit extremely easily without even looking at the video! We have also tried the SnoozeShade out on our double pushchair, and although it isn’t for use on a double, it fits the standard pushchair seat perfectly – so if you have children of different ages and just want one to use the SnoozeShade this would still be possible with some double pushchairs.

SnoozeShade Original Deluxe

The SnoozeShade also has a zip in the front so you can peak in on your baby easily and a sleeping baby symbol to warn other people not to disturb your sleeping baby. Being able to see in on your baby easily is definitely a great feature of the SnoozeShade Original Deluxe. The new Deluxe SnoozeShade also features poppers instead of velcro which definitely makes the shade feel like a premium product. The material is also a really good quality and a lovely luxurious grey as well as being a breathable fabric and machine washable.

SnoozeShade Original Deluxe

We have really found the Snooze Shade to be a great product for us mainly for use after we get home from a walk with the pushchair we can leave the SnoozeShade on the pushchair covering Little Man, park it up in our back garden and leave him to sleep. LM is then in his own little dark sleep time bubble and well protected from the wind. He can then finish his nap without being disturbed.

SnoozeShade Original Deluxe

This would be a great product for use both on holidays and at home. There are many times I have found myself out and about with LM or even when LP was little and the weather had been unexpectedly bright. I’m sure most parents can relate to that hunt for something to cover your baby – a muslin, jumper or blanket draped over the pushchair hood and falling off constantly. The SnoozeShade comes with a handy carry bag and folds up neatly so that you can have it with you at all times – it would take up next to no space in a change bag or pushchair basket and would always be there if the British weather did something unexpected – as it so often does!

SnoozeShade Original Deluxe

This really is a versatile and useful product and I will no doubt be keeping mine close to hand for a long time to come!SnoozeShade Original Deluxe

Disclosure: We were sent a SnoozeShade Original Deluxe for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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