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I’m now 9 months in to breastfeeding Little Man and breastfed his big sister for over a year. There have been times through breastfeeding where I’ve felt uncomfortable whilst feeding them – whether in public or sometimes at our house with visitors or other people’s houses. I’d always thought about buying some sort of breastfeeding cover but all the ones I saw looked like a ‘breastfeeding cover’ and seemed to draw attention to the fact you were breastfeeding – not what I wanted at all! When nursing I like it to be as discreet as possible and so wanted a breastfeeding cover that would also be discreet and natural.


Snoob recently gave me the chance to review their Breastfeeding Scarf and from my first look at their website it seemed to be just what I had been looking for since starting to breastfeed LP 2 and a half years ago! The Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf comes in four colours and is made of 100% cotton jersey. It’s so lovely and soft and compliments any outfit – the Breastfeeding Scarf looks just like a scarf – It is a scarf! There’s nothing to fasten, tie or attach to use it. The Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf is worn as a scarf and when you want to use it you just unloop the scarf and use it to cover as much or as little of you and your baby as you like – It’s also big enough to be used when tandem feeding twins.


I’ve been using the Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf for a few weeks now and love it. I actually have no idea how I managed without it before – I can wear a wider variety of clothes without the worry of flashing whilst feeding and I get to wear a lovely soft scarf too – I think Snoob may have started a little bit of a scarf addiction for me and made me ever so slightly pink and girly!


The great thing about the Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf is that you can wear it long after you stop breastfeeding. It’s a scarf that doesn’t shout ‘breastfeeding’ when you look at it and it can compliment any outfit. It’s also lightweight, ever so soft and takes up very little room in a bag or pushchair. The Snoob can also be used as a lightweight blanket and we’ve covered Little Man with it on occasion when he’s fallen asleep away from home.


I’ve loved using the Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf and my only wish is that I’d had one when LP was born! This would make a great gift for a pregnant friend or a new Mum. Breastfeeding can be hard enough in the early days that any reassurance and support is welcome – Although Snoob can’t make breastfeeding easier it can make you more comfortable and relaxed whilst nursing. There are a lot of breastfeeding covers out there but the Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf is the only one I’ve seen that looks ‘normal’. A great product!


 The Snoob Scarf is available direct from Snoob for £25.

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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    Totally agree with the the fact that breastfeeding covers generally just draw attention to you! I’ve never really bothered with them – I do however love a good scarf so this is a complete winner for me! Ideal for when your baby gets a bit nosier and starts to look around mid feed leaving you with a boob on display!
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