Review: Smarter Wifi Kettle

There are three things I really appreciate in life – saving time, modern technology and a nice cup of tea. When Menkind gave us the opportunity to review the Smarter Wifi Kettle I couldn’t believe what I was seeing online – A kettle that you can operate from your mobile phone anywhere in your home? I decided that I had to see it to believe it and couldn’t wait for the Wifi Kettle to arrive.

Review: Smarter Wifi Kettle

When the kettle arrived I thought how it looked like any other kettle – Smarter have done a great job of not making this kettle look too space age and because of this it would still fit seamlessly into any home without looking out of place at all. The stainless steel finish is lovely and modern and the base is just slightly bigger than a standard kettle base. My only negative is that there was a sticker on the kettle stating that stainless steel gets hot to touch. A kettle, hot? Really?! I peeled the sticker off as it’s not the sort of thing I need reminding of constantly and had a great deal of scrubbing to get the sticker residue off. I would have prefered not to have a sticker on the kettle – everyone knows kettles get hot.

Review: Smarter Wifi Kettle

Hubby connected the kettle to the wifi network and although fairly straightforward it wasn’t as easy as he’d hoped and it took a few attempts to get everything working but after that you simply use the Wifi Kettle app to operate the kettle. Now, this really is as amazing as it sounds. Laying in bed in the morning and fancy a cuppa? Simply turn the kettle on using your app and go and make it when the kettle’s boiled – the app even tells you when it’s ready! You can even save arguments in the evening whilst watching TV over who will go and put the kettle on – you can boil the kettle from the comfort of your sofa! The only limitation with this is that your phone or tablet has to be connected to the same wifi network as the kettle for it to work – basically you have to be at home to turn the kettle on remotely. It would be great if you could be nearly home from a day out and turn the kettle on but I’m sure there are a lot of safety reasons why this wouldn’t be feasible.

Review: Smarter Wifi Kettle

Going one step further, the Smarter Wifi Kettle even lets you boil the kettle to different temperatures from 65-100 degrees celsius depending on what you need the water for and the optimum temperatures of different drinks. The kettle also has a keep warm function in case you’re delayed in making that perfect cup of tea. One thing I was surprised about was the lack of fill level – nothing to tell you how much water is in the kettle or even a maximum fill line.

The Wifi Kettle was easy to use and worked well although it is very loud when boiling compared to other kettles although I can put up with the noise as it lets me boil the kettle without even leaving the comfort of my bed! Next I need a kettle that can actually make the tea and bring it upstairs too!

The Smarter Wifi Kettle has an RRP of Β£99.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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  1. How much?! Oh a fill level is pretty important to me also linking that to the app, so you know if you’re away to boil an empty kettle, or god forbid get off my lazy ass to fill it….then I guess I could just switch it on whilst I’m there. I’d like to say I can’t see it taking off, but in this day and age they seem to find a way of digitalising everything. I want an app that flushes the loo! x
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