Review: Smanos W020i WiFi Alarm System and HD WiFi Camera

We were recently sent the Smanos W020i WiFi alarm system with HD WiFi camera to enhance our home security. The Smanos W020i is the basis of a total home security solution, something we haven’t had previously and something we were really looking forward to trying out.


In the W020i kit you get the sleek looking base unit, two sensors suitable for mounting on either a door or window and an HD camera. All of the kit is completely wireless (except for power leads to the base unit and camera) and very easy to set up.


Once you have chosen a location for the sensors and the camera and base unit are turned on, it’s just a simple matter of downloading the W020i app from GooglePlay or the Apple store. You can then send your WiFi logon details to both the base unit and camera. Both of the included sensors are pre-linked to the base unit so there’s no hassle in connecting them and best of all, there are no monthly fees to a monitoring company and you can set it up in a matter of minutes yourself with no need for an expensive engineer to install it.

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The app is where you can manage your home security from. You can arm and disarm the system remotely, see which sensor has triggered the alarm and even watch a live feed from the HD camera. You can also record from the feed, very  useful if you are unfortunately burgled and manage to get a good image of the suspect in action. Built with a Sony IMX225 image sensor, and with a wide-angle 5mp lens, you get clear visual confirmation and evidence even in super low-light conditions. You can also insert a micro SD card into the camera so you don’t have to clog up space on your phone.


When the W020i senses an intruder, the sound it makes is loud. Think of a traditional house alarm that you hear going off in the street after a power cut, but actually inside your house. It’ll put off any would be intruder and with notifications sent to your phone in real time, you can open up the camera in the app to take the appropriate action.


As with traditional alarms, you can arm the system whilst in the house before you leave and have a certain amount of time to get out without setting it off. The same is true for entering the house at the end of the day so you’re not rushing around trying to find your phone in order to turn the siren off! Failing that, the W020i comes with a handy little remote control that can arm and disarm, put the system into ‘home’ mode or turn it off completely. New additions to the security network are also very easy to manage with the app. Along with door/window contacts, PIR sensors and even flood sensors are available.


A big problem for me was the shape of the power plugs for the base unit and camera. You see, instead of nice square plugs with the wire coming out from the middle of one edge, both plugs are diamond shaped with the wire coming out of one corner and the top pin opposite it. Looks different, even a bit cool I hear you say. Maybe, but when each plug is put into a standard size extension lead or even a wall socket direct, it takes up just enough room to make putting another plug next to it impossible. You are basically sacrificing the neighbouring plug socket due to the ‘cool’ design of something that frankly, didn’t need redesigning in the first place.


All said and done, the Smanos W020i is quite a good piece of kit with decent video and stills from the additional camera. And with support for more sensors, outside alarms, strobe lights etc the Smanos W020i will grow with your home and keep your peace of mind knowing that you will be in control wherever you might be.

The Smanos W020i system has an RRP of £179.95


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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