Review: Science Museum Shop Foldable Playtent Rocket

Up until the end of the summer LP had a tent in the garden that she loved. It was cheap and cheerful and by the end of the season it had fallen apart and I kept intending to get another. The Science Museum Shop recently asked if we’d like to review their Foldable Playtent Rocket and as LP is obsessed with flying to the moon at the moment I thought it would be a great replacement for her old tent.

Review: Science Museum Shop Foldable Playtent Rocket

The Science Museum Playtent Rocket comes in a really small storage bag and shows how easily the tent can be stored when not in use. The bag contains the tent which pops open when you remove it from the bag along with four slot together rods to help the tent stay up. There were also instructions but they were unfortunately in six languages – none of which were english. Despite this though the tent was straightforward to put together but slightly on the fiddly side – I had to half climb in the tent to put it together. It still only took about ten minutes to before the children were able to play in it.

Review: Science Museum Shop Foldable Playtent Rocket

The children loved the tent! It has a flap that covers the door that you can roll up out of the way, a mesh window on one side and two stabilising fins that come out the side of the rocket – not that they actually stabilise this one, they just make it look more rocket like!

Review: Science Museum Shop Foldable Playtent Rocket

The Playtent Rocket is a great size for both the children to play in and although the material is quite flimsy it stands up to quite a lot of rough play. I wouldn’t, however, use it outside as I think without good anchorage it would fly away quite easily or blow around the garden constantly. It is great for use indoors, somewhere to read or just for really fun role playing games – what child doesn’t want to pretend they’re zooming off into space?!

I don’t think I would be taking the Science Museum Playtent Rocket up and down very often but as a permanent fixture it is a fantastic addition to our home. Both children love it – if you’re looking for a tent for your child, or as a gift, then I would definitely recommend this one.

The Science Museum Shop Playtent Rocket has an RRP of £25

Review: Science Museum Shop Foldable Playtent Rocket

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Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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