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Last week we reviewed the Cookie Kit from the Real Baking range of toys from Vivid. Although they’re not toys really, but things to help get children in the kitchen and learn how to bake. This week we’ve been trying out the Great Baking Set from the same range.


The Great Baking Set includes lots of things to help with baking – two mixing bowls, measuring spoons, an egg cracker, cake cases, a silicon baking tray and icing bags to decorate the finished cakes. The first thing I noticed was how small everything was, very much child sized, and the set didn’t include a recipe. This is great, as you can bake anything with the set but it would be nice to have a single recipe as a starting point and inspiration.


We decided to make cupcakes but using our recipes we couldn’t find any recipe small enough for the set – as you can’t use less than one egg in things, for example. So we used as much of the kit as possible. LP loved putting the cake cases in the muffin tray although even the cake cases were just so small – smaller than any cupcake I have ever seen.


We started with cracking eggs using the egg cracker. This contraption very much tries to solve a problem that never existed in the first place. You place an egg inside the holder and then press the button on top to crack the egg but it really just makes a hole in the egg, leaving the contents still mostly in the egg and you then get covered in egg trying to remove the shell.



Also, the children found pressing the button quite difficult and we ended up with the egg cracker falling over and sliding over the worktop. I would rather they learn to crack an egg on the side of a bowl or edge of the worktop as this just makes more work and doesn’t really help in the long run.


The bowls were a better size although not big enough to mix a full cake mix in so we used them to transfer the cracked eggs into. The set came with a suction cup to attach to the bottom to stop the bowl sliding around whilst in use which is a great idea and worked really well.


The measuring spoons were a nice size for LP to hold although the sizes were strange – starting off at half a tablespoon and then a tablespoon when I would have expected more common sizes – a teaspoon and tablespoon.



The baking tray worked well although only holding four tiny cakes was a bit of a shame. This set would be a great introduction to baking, and for a child to have a share of the mix rather than the whole cake mix however, I’m surprised it’s aimed at age 6+ as usually by this point children are comfortable using proper kitchen items and not just mixing along next to their parents.

The Great Baking Set has an RRP of £19.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “Review: Real Baking Great Baking Set #RealBaking

  1. It seems they have gone too far in trying to make everything super small, and I agree that from 6 years onwards most kids can handle adult size kitchenwear. And the egg cracker looks like a lot of work. Hope the cakes tasted good at least 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures of it action, the concept is cute but for the price I’d sooner use our full size equipment! Where’s the fun in bite size cake? 😉 xxx

  3. What a shame! I agree, I would rather my children just learnt how to crack an egg the normal way- CBeebies I Can Cook has done wonders for teaching them this! The machine seems a bit pointless and probably most of the cost! I love the idea of the suction cup though!

  4. I guess the set would be fun for the kids to use in a toy kitchen or with play dough, but for real baking, it seems a bit faffy. I would always try to teach the kids to crack an egg themselves too. Can you imagine using an egg cracker every time you make an omelette, he he! Plus it means more washing up. No way, José! I do love the colours of the set and I’m sure my little monkeys would love using it, but it would stay in their toy kitchen. x
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  5. Good, honest review. Lovely photos just a shame it’s not really ‘usable’. To be honest i’d rather my two learn how to bake properly with full sized equipment x

  6. Great review Donna as I think people reading will be glad to know that it isn’t the most practical of sets. Like you I’m surprised it’s aimed at 6 years plus. My 4 year old is already fairly confident using full size baking equipment, he just has a slightly smaller bowl for mixing but it’s big enough to make 10 decent size fairy cakes. And what is wrong with just cracking an egg??? xx
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  7. It’s a cute looking set and the egg cracker is a fun novelty, but it’s a shame it didn’t quite live up to what it could be. I love baking with my girls. I let my 2 year old crack eggs on the bowl, and I just pick the shell out after!! 😉 Your cakes looked good though!

  8. I don’t love it. I wouldn’t buy an egg cracker I don’t think, they’re 4 and 2 and can already crack eggs on their own. I’ve never had a problem with my children just using normal sized utensils either. Maybe this would work better as a play set that you don’t actually use?
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