Review: Poppit Baker Playset

LP absolutely loves any kind of creative toy and so when she saw Poppit advertised she couldn’t wait to give it a go. The Poppit Baker Playset is a clay based toy where the aim is to create a whole bakery of clay products – complete with sauce and sprinkles.


The Poppit kit contains so many pieces – from sealed packs of clay and airtight pots to store them in to tools and accessories to makes the prettiest clay cakes possible. There are a lot of pieces to this set and so it immediately looks great value.


However, there isn’t a huge amount of clay in the set and once made into a cake and left to set it can’t then be used again. Unused clay must be stored in the airtight containers provided or it would go hard, spooling it for future use. I would have loved to see a more generous amount of clay in the set however it does say that it has enough clay for 12 cakes – and we were able to make more than that.


LP loved making cakes however, after trying to use all the pieces we were left with only a couple of designs that we could actually make work. The Popper that the set centres around didn’t work to remove any of the clay pieces from the moulds apart from one that had a single solitary hole in the middle. The others ended up making a clay based mess in the moulds.



The doughnut shaped cakes were simple to make without the popper and we were able to make pizza slices and other smaller cakes without any issues and these kept LP entertained – especially as she was able to add sprinkles and display them all on a cake stand in the set.


There’s quite a lot of competition in the clay creativity market and because of this Poppit left me feeling disappointed. It didn’t work as well as we had expected and although LP wasn’t bothered by it and still enjoyed Poppit I really don’t think it was great value for money. However, if you have a creative child I am sure they would love to give the Poppit Baker Playset a go.

The Poppit Baker Playset has an RRP of £19.99


Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of the review however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you so much for your honest review! My 5 year old saw a YouTube commercial for this and wants it so badly (like everything she sees on YouTube commercials!) but after reading about your experience and Tony’s confirmation, I won’t waste my money and clutter my house with even more plastic junk. Thanks!

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