Review: Playmobil Emergency Medical Helicopter and Wheelchair Set

After reviewing the Playmobil Fire Chief’s Car last month Little Man couldn’t wait for our next Playmobil delivery. He was quite excited when he saw this was following on with the emergency services theme – with a emergency medical helicopter and patient set, part of the Playmobil hospital range.



The Playmobil Emergency Medical Helicopter is a really substantial Playmobil toy but doesn’t take much construction – the helicopter is simple to put together and it comes with lots of accessories to act out many emergency scenes and stories.



Little Man loved the helicopter immediately and would have been happy with just the helicopter but he was so excited when we showed him the doctors, patient, doctor’s case, stretcher and even casts to put on the patient. It’s the perfect set for hospital role play.




The Wheelchair Set includes a wheelchair, child patient and parent figure that work really well with the Playmobil Emergency Medical Helicopter set and are great to play with on their own too. It has casts with it as well as a bandage for the patient’s head and a cuddly toy to make them feel better. A great edition to any hospital themed Playmobil collection.




Little Man loves his new Playmobil set and will happily fly the helicopter around the room all day. He loves acting out stories with LP – someone is always poorly and needs flying immediately to hospital. It’s quite sweet to watch. They have both used other toys to help role play – like an airport toy with a helipad to give the helicopter somewhere to land and lots of cuddly toys who have various ailments too.



We love how Playmobil has so many levels of play, as they’re a top manufacturer within preschool – from constructing the toys through to playing with them and being able to enjoy the basic values of the toy – making the helicopter blades spin and flying around the house to the more complex role play complete with scripts and different characters. Children will love this set from preschool onwards and it’s definitely something we’ve all enjoyed playing with!

The Playmobil Emergency Medical Helicopter has an RRP of £26.99 and the Wheelchair Set has an RRP of £4.99


Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Ooooh my little boy loves anything to do with the emergency services. Playmobil looks like it’s well made and sturdy. I hate nothing more than getting flimsy toys that break easily causing tears! It’s an idea for his Christmas present!

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