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Our cats don’t get much of a mention on this blog at the moment, mainly because I am still in the Pregnancy/New Baby/Hormonal phase where the cats aren’t my best friends! I go through times where they just annoy the hell out of me – Fur everywhere, scratching things, miaowing – Oh the miaowing! I know, I know, they’re cats! Our cats were once our babies and they have been a part of our lives for over 8 years now, I can’t imagine them not being around and I know there will come a time where they don’t annoy me so much and even though they annoy me the children adore them! But the cats don’t get much in the way of treats, especially since Little Man came along, so when Pets at Home gave us the chance to review a selection of products for the cats I thought that it was about time they got spoilt!

Pets at Home sent us an exciting variety of products, mostly that I’d chosen online. Our cats are complete fuss-pots and very hard to please. They don’t like cats beds – preferring to sleep on our beds, they don’t like cat scratching toys – they prefer to scratch our new sofas, they don’t really play with toys – preferring to chase odd socks and cuddly toys around the house. So it was with this in mind that I gave the lovely people from Pets at Home a quite narrow selection of departments that the cats might like to try things from!

When the hamper of goodies arrived I was amazed at the variety and quality of the products. I haven’t been to Pets at Home in a very long time and was really pleased with what we were sent:

Pets at Home Cat Products

I was quite excited by this delivery – The cats hadn’t had new cat bowls, treats or decent collars in a very long time plus it was lovely for them to have something other than food! We didn’t even get the cats their usual ‘Santa Paws’ present at Christmas this year, the cats really have gone down the list of priorities since having LM and this was a lovely treat for them.

The cat bowls are fantastic. Apart from being eco friendly, they are a great size, dishwasher safe and should in theory last a lifetime!

Pets at Home Cat Products

The Gourmet Store Cat Feeder is perfect for us – Our cats eat a lot of dry food and this easily dispenses more food as the cats eat it. It saves me having to fill up their dry food as often – A bargain for £7!

Pets at Home Cat Products

The cat feeding exercise ball is a great toy for our cats – They’re not massively keen on toys but if food is involved then they’ll do anything for it! We fill up the ball with treats and the cats will bat it around the room until the treats fall out. It also keeps them amused so they’re not scratching the furniture – A win on all levels!

Pets at Home Cat Products

The cat teaser toy was an unexpected success too! We used similar toys with them when they were kittens but they lost interest as they got bigger. As food isn’t involved they usually walk away in disgust! Well, the teaser toy was being attacked before I’d even taken it out of the cardboard packaging! As soon as I got the teaser toy ready and waved it in front of the cats they went crazy. I have no idea whether it was the fact it looked like a dead animal or the fact that it was filled with catnip. Either way, the cats loved  it and haven’t strayed far from it since it arrived! A definite success!

Pets at Home Cat Products

The collars, although only £2 each, are great quality and look more expensive than they are. The cats seem to like their new ‘clothes’ and definitely look better for it – Their old collars were frayed, damaged and well over due replacing!

Pets at Home Cat Products

Overall Pets at Home have proven that they stock a whole host of pet products that are both great quality and affordable. I will definitely be shopping with Pets at Home in the future and may even try other toys with the cats now that they seem to like them!

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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