Review: Penwizard Personalised Peppa Pig Book

We were recently given the opportunity to review a Penwizard Personalised Peppa Pig Book. LP’s best friend loves Peppa Pig even more than LP does and so we decided to make a personalised book for her as an Easter present.

Penwizard Personalised Peppa Pig Book

Penwizard have a great selection of personalised books and it was hard to choose which one to get. In the end we chose ‘Your Child and Peppa go to Nursery’ as LP and her best friend are both off to Nursery later this year. The ordering system on Penwizard is really straightforward – You choose your book, add the child’s name, a personalised message, child’s hair colour, hair style and eye colour and the book is made for you. You can then choose hardback (£19.99) or paperback (£14.99).

Penwizard Personalised Peppa Pig Book

The Penwizard Personalised Peppa Pig Book arrived within a couple of days in a stiff cardboard sleeve well annotated with ‘Do Not Bend’. The book looked fantastic! Penwizard books are A4 in size and made of really thick, good quality paper and the book has 24 pages, each one with a lovely full colour picture.

Penwizard Personalised Peppa Pig Book

The story is lovely and includes the child on every page and throughout the story – The personalisation runs all the way through the book in both the wording and the illustrations. The story is just the right length for a preschooler and beyond with enough words and pictures to keep children occupied.

Penwizard Personalised Peppa Pig Book

The Peppa Pig goes to Nursery book is a great introduction to the idea of Nursery School for a child and teaches them what to expect and the things that they’ll see and do at Nursery. It’s great that a familiar character like Peppa Pig can go off on this experience with the child in the book so that the child learns about nursery with Peppa Pig at their side.

Penwizard books would make a great gift and are something that the child can keep for years to come. Penwizard offer a range of books that all compliment each other and there’s definitely a book for every member of the family and every occasion.


Disclosure: We were sent the above book for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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