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If your children love a collectible toy, one that they can add to over time and make into a real collection then they are sure to love the latest in collectible toy crazes – Num Noms.

Num Noms are new to the UK, having had a great appeal in the USA. Num Noms are scented food related collectibles which are in the form of mini lip glosses and motorised characters. As soon as LP saw the boxes she was excited – the cartoon like designs are cute and hard to dislike. LP loved them immediately!

The Num Noms consist of different parts – Nums are scented rubber characters that sit on top of the Noms – which are little motorised characters that cam zoom across the floor. You can also get cups and cones to layer the Nums on top of the Noms to create amazing flavour combinations – as each Num is a different scent/flavour. It’s not that tricky when you get your head around it.


We were sent two Num Noms Mystery Packs that look like yogurt contains but instead have a lipgloss and Num inside – as well as a poster that has all the available Num Noms on it. This is a great way of knowing which Num Noms you already have and which are still to collect.


The Num Noms lip gloss smells wonderful – LP had a minty one and a caramel one and both smelt like incredible ice cream flavours. It also left her lips nice and shiny and went on really well. She now carries her Num Nom lip gloss with her everywhere!



The Num Noms Cupcake Party Deluxe Pack includes six Nums, two Noms, a spoon, a cupcake base and a poster. This is a great set to start off a collection and includes so many great Num Noms flavours.



LP absolutely loves her Num Noms. She sits building different recipes with the cute squishy Nums and has even let her brother share, and build his own flavour combinations. LP is a huge fan of anything she can collect, anything that is cute and with at least a little pink so Num Noms ticked all of LP’s boxes.


Num Noms would be a great toy to collect, being able to add to the collection on special occasions or with pocket money. LP already loves that she has so many Num Noms in her collection and I can imagine the real sense of satisfaction when you have collected them all.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

104 thoughts on “Review: Num Noms Collectibles

  1. Peachy cream. My daughter has recently seen these on tv, she loves collecting things like those, they would be perfect

  2. Pink Lemonade, although they all look cute, my daughter is driving me nuts about these and she says thats her favourite.x

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