Review: The New Granny’s Survival Guide

I love to read and throughout my adult years I have read every survival guide available – From how to survive your own wedding to expectant parent’s survival guides – There seems to be a ‘How To’ of everything in life.

I was recently sent The New Granny’s Survival Guide to review and despite my knowledge of ‘Survival’ books I have never seen one aimed at Grandparents and my first thoughts were what a lovely gift this would make – either once a grandchild arrives or even as a fun way of announcing a pregnancy to the Granny-To-Be!

The New Granny's Survival Guide

The book is lovely to look at – Hardback with a textured paper dust cover with a vintage homely design. It would look lovely on a shelf and would definitely be appealing to any Gran/Granny in your life.

The tag line on the book is ‘Everything you need to know to be the BEST Gran’ and is a collection of wisdom and advice taken from hundreds of Grandparents on Gransnet – the Grandparents’ Website. The forums were scoured for everything that new Grannies should know and it was all combined to make one lovely book. The book covers topics from becoming a Grandparent to being a Grandparent and answers questions related to young Grandchildren, older Grandchildren and the different situations that any Gran may find themselves in.

Reading through the book you cannot help but feel for people in the situations discussed, relate to other parts and laugh frequently! The book is informative but funny and would be great for a Gran to read but then to keep and use for reference when situations occur. The New Granny’s Survival Guide covers every subject you could think of from Special Occasions to Finances, Childcare to Modern Technology. It’s an eye opening read – even not being a Grandparent – and something I would definitely have bought for LP and LM’s Grandparents.

Disclosure: We were sent the above book for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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