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Regular readers will know that Hubby and I love to snack and love all things sweet. We were recently given the chance to try Nanobytes, a range of sweets that we hadn’t come across before.  Nanobytes are chewy sweets that come in three different flavours – bubblegum, strawberry and cola. They’re available in individual 25g packets or resealable 65g packets – my only issue with this is does anyone actually reseal a packet of sweets?! I don’t think I ever have, it’s lovely to have the option though and I’m sure someone, somewhere, must reseal their sweet packets!


Nanobytes are lots and lots of little sweets. You can’t eat just one, you have to eat a few at a time – one will never, ever be enough! The group of sweets are a mouthful of chewy, yummyness – The flavours all last the whole time it takes you to eat the sweets and taste just like they say – bubblegum tastes like proper ‘trading card’ bubblegum, a taste of childhood! The cola flavour tastes like cola ice pops and cola bottles – a really good cola taste and the strawberry is just as it says, perfectly strawberry! The flavours are all so reminiscent of sweets on the way home from school, traditional and some what retro but in such modern, current sweets. Hubby and I loved them!


The best thing for me about Nanobytes is that they take a while to eat. You chew, and get the lovely flavours, you chew some more and get even more flavour and you keep chewing and the flavours keep coming. Nanobytes are one of the chewiest sweets I’ve come across but it’s not a chore to chew them as the flavour keeps on coming. It’s great to find a sweet that is long lasting and Hubby and I even used the resealable packets! Amazing!


Disclosure: I was sent the above sweets for the purpose of this review and all opinions are my own.

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