Review: My Nametags School Uniform Labels

My Nametags got in touch after my recent Nonabox review to see if I wanted to review a set of their name labels. As LP is starting Nursery in September I thought it would be good to prepare her things ready – Putting labels in her spare clothes, school bag and on her drinks cup ready to take with her.

The great thing about My Nametags is that their stickers can be put on anything – not just clothing! This was ideal as LP has to take a water bottle with her every day to Nursery and I didn’t want to put her name on with marker pen. Instead, My Nametags sent us two sets of name labels – One set are stickers and one set are iron on so that we have a choice with which ones to stick on different items.

The ordering process is straightforward, being able to choose the name, font, design, colour and logo that is on the labels. You can have multiple lines of text too which gives a completely customisable design that can be used for anything you need.

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The labels arrived quickly and we have used the stickers on clothing and on drinks cups. The stickers don’t wash off in the washing machine or dishwasher and stay looking bright and colourful even after a few washes. The stick on labels were easy to attach to any surface or the washing labels inside clothing and the iron on labels were easy to affix during our usual ironing session. The labels are made from material and this makes them long lasting and durable. Both the iron on and stick on labels have the same finish once attached – you can’t tell the difference!

Review My Nametags and Giveaway!

My Nametags come in sets of 56 labels and cost Β£11.95 for either stickers or iron on labels. I love how versatile the labels are and the fact that they stay on in both the washing machine and dishwasher. I remember my own mum sewing labels into clothes or writing on labels with marker pen. This is such a better idea and a company that I’m sure we’ll keep using throughout the children’s time at school.

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

78 thoughts on “Review: My Nametags School Uniform Labels

  1. Goodness me, nearly everything in this house needs to be labelled – for both practical out the house reasons and annoying siblings arguments over whose is what!

  2. my little one starts nursery in a few weeks so these would be perfect. i pick my nephew up from primary school a lot, and he is always wearing someone elses jumper or t-shirt, they can get mixed up easily after PE, these labels are a fantastic idea

  3. My great-niece’s first school uniform. Oh and that reminds me of going on holiday a few years ago and every book there was in the cottage had the “Do not take from here” and the ladys’ name on them (not only on the front/back cover but also inside the front/back cover.

  4. I would use them to label my daughter’s cups, drink bottles, hats and clothes. Also her bag too. These look great x

  5. anything that goes to school and is not permanently attached to my child,she manages to loss everything.good job her head is screwed on!!!!! lol x

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